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Why Taking the GMAT is a Still a Good Idea

The GMAT provides a way for colleges to directly compare prospective students and their aptitudes. Some schools have done studies that have analyzed the correlation between high GMAT scores and student success and have found that there is a clear connection between the two.

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Cost of Best MBA Programs
What it Costs to Attend the Best Business Schools

One survey of 21,000 alumni from 132 business schools around the world found that 94% of participants highly valued their MBA degree, 83% said they had high levels of job satisfaction, and 79% said that their expectations for their financial return on investment from their MBA were either met or exceeded.

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Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Overview
Overview of Service Members Opportunity Colleges (SOC)

The SOC is a consortium of about 1,900 universities and colleges who have agreed to work with the Department of Defense to ensure that soldiers and their family members have easier access to the educational opportunities they desire. This program applies to military personnel and their adult dependent family members, such as spouses and college-aged children.

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Non-Profit and For-Profit School Comparison
Understanding the Difference Between Non-Profit and For-Profit Schools

For-profit colleges are, as the name makes clear, businesses. They exist to provide a service, in this case education, and to make a profit doing so. Many are owned by larger corporations and must answer to stockholders.

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What is the 90/10 Rule and What Does it Mean to Military Veterans?

The 90/10 rule is a federal law that bars for-profit colleges from receiving more than 90% of their revenues from Department of Education federal student aid, also known as Title IV. The restriction was established in 1992 as the 85/15 rule and six years later was modified into the 90/10 rule.
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Tuesday, Jul 15 2014 09:00 AM

Seven Fast-Growing Healthcare Jobs and Degrees for Hands-on People

Not only does healthcare offer plenty of different jobs, but the field is expected to grow rapidly in the years ahead. That’s in part because of the aging population, in part because of healthcare mandates (Obamacare) and in part because of an increasing interest in maintaining good health.
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Monday, Jul 14 2014 09:00 AM

Utilizing the College Navigator in Your School Search

ollege Navigator takes information from numerous colleges and posts that information in an organized format. Accordingly, you can find schools with criteria that are important to you.
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Tuesday, Jul 01 2014 11:00 AM

Opportunities Growing for Techies with Business Savvy (and vice versa)

Those with the combination of solid business and technology skills will find the door will open to a number of opportunities, which makes pursuing experience, training and education in both fields a potentially good move for students and working professionals.
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Saturday, Jun 28 2014 09:00 AM

Explore The GI Bill School Comparison Tool

This online resource was launched in early 2014 in response to President Barack Obama’s Executive Oder 13607. That order instructed federal agencies to put in place standards for colleges and universities that serve active duty service personnel, veterans and their families.
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Friday, Jun 13 2014 09:00 AM

3 In-demand Graduate Programs with No GRE Requirements

Graduate schools use the GRE to assess whether or not a student is a good fit for their program, and the GRE is a determining factor in whether or not a student will be accepted into graduate school. However, growing numbers of colleges and universities do not require the GRE for enrollment
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Thursday, Jun 05 2014 11:00 AM

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You want to make the best decision possible when selecting a college. In this part of the resource center, U.S. New University Directory offers you a variety of articles designed to assist you in that endeavor. Some detail particular degree or certificate programs, while others serve as a guide to picking a college. Together they can help you discover how to choose a school, so start exploring the Choosing the Right School articles now!