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Tips for Choosing the Right College For You

Here are some of the considerations when trying to find a college that is right for you.

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Do School Tiers Matter?
What Are College Tiers and Do They Matter?

Do you want a big university or a smaller school? Urban or rural? Near a beach or close to the ski slopes? Is there a particular program or course of study of interest? Do you want to watch big-time sports or could you care less? These questions and many more will ultimately help determine which school a student selects, but there’s another major factor at play. That would be academic quality.

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Pre-Med or Pre-Health Sciences
Pre-Med vs. Pre-Health Sciences: Is There a Difference?

Not everyone can be a medical professional, and competition can be fierce for both medical schools and other health professional programs. Here's a look at the pre-med and pre-health sciences paths into the medical field.

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Top Football and Academic Colleges
5 Colleges That Rank Well in Football and Academics

But some schools do manage to combine academics and football. This article looks at the five highest-ranked schools by U.S. News in the Associated Press’ top 25 preseason college football poll.

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Comparing Preseason College Football Polls and Academic Rankings

Here's how the schools in the Top 25 AP College Preseason Poll fared in the U.S. News Best Colleges rankings.
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Wednesday, Aug 27 2014 09:00 AM

Top-Paying Science Degrees (No Ph.D Required)

there are numerous jobs that require varying levels of higher education – including associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees – that still pay competitive wages. And because a Ph.D. isn’t required that means you get into the job world earlier, begin making money and (likely) racking up less student debt.
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Monday, Aug 25 2014 09:00 AM

Business and Finance Degree Jobs That Pay 70k or More

Graduates from four-year colleges and universities with a degree in business or finance who are looking to eventually earn more than $70,000 are in luck. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows there are many jobs that meet that standard – and several others that come close.
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Friday, Aug 22 2014 11:00 AM

Top Conservative Colleges and Universities in the United States

Some find that conservative colleges provide an important counterbalance to the progressivism and liberalism that pervade so much of American higher education.
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Wednesday, Aug 20 2014 09:00 AM

Choosing Between SAT and ACT

With both the SAT and ACT now holding equal ranking in college and university admissions across the country, however, it can be confusing to decide which test to take or if biting the bullet and sitting for both makes the most sense.
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Tuesday, Aug 05 2014 09:00 AM

Tips for a Successful Graduate Program Interview

Much like a job interview, the graduate school interview is a chance for the program to determine if the potential student has something to offer the program. Also much like a job interview, the interviewee who prepares the most stands the best chance of making a good impression and being accepted into the program.
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Friday, Aug 01 2014 11:00 AM

Choose A College – Articles & Guides to Selecting the Right School or University

You want to make the best decision possible when selecting a college. In this part of the resource center, U.S. New University Directory offers you a variety of articles designed to assist you in that endeavor. Some detail particular degree or certificate programs, while others serve as a guide to picking a college. Together they can help you discover how to choose a school, so start exploring the Choosing the Right School articles now!