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Top 5 Online Associate Degrees that Lead to Good Paying Jobs

These five careers are worthy of your consideration if you are planning to use distance learning to move into another job.

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Online Graduate Degrees with the Best Job Prospects

For those wanting to earn a master's degree in an online program, these careers are among the best you can enter. All are growing and also provide a solid financial return on your educational investment.

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How to Evaluate and Select an Online Ph.D. Program

Obtaining a Ph.D. is not something to be taken lightly and requires research to find a good program. But with the advent of online programs, a doctorate is within the reach of many more students. That said, obtaining a Ph.D. is not something to be taken lightly and requires plenty of research to find a good program.

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Six Ways to Stay Motivated For Online School
Six Ways to Stay Motivated For Online School

Without a physically present teacher, online students must take more initiative to keep current with lessons and homework as well as knowing when to ask their teacher for help. Maintaining your enthusiasm for learning can be achieved through these steps.

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How to Be Successful in an Online MBA Program

Preparing for an online MBA program can vary depending on the student, but there are some overall tips that are good for everyone to follow.
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Tuesday, Jul 14 2015 11:00 AM

How to Boost Your Career with Online Learning for Free

Massive Open Online Courses are a new way to gain knowledge for free. The classes are taught by professors in some of the top universities in the country.
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Wednesday, Jun 17 2015 11:00 AM

7 Considerations when Choosing an Online Public Administration Program

Online degree programs are numerous and growing. Professionals in this field have the option to work for either government or non-profit organizations.
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Wednesday, Apr 15 2015 11:00 AM

How to Evaluate Accreditation of Online MBA Programs

Earning an online MBA is a great first step toward improving your career, but care must be taken in making sure the school has proper accreditation.
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Friday, Apr 10 2015 11:00 AM

How to Choose an Online RN to BSN Program

Online RN to BSN programs can provide a number of advantages for working professionals who are concerned about balancing it all while still earning a living. This option, when a program is carefully selected, will provide the necessary training to equip nurses with the skills and leadership abilities they need to advance in their profession. From core classes to clinical opportunities, the best programs ensure students get the same basic training their on-campus counterparts receive with these added benefits:
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Thursday, Apr 09 2015 11:00 AM

Similarities and Differences Between Taking Online Classes and On-Campus Classes

Online courses open up opportunities for working adults to return to college to complete a bachelor's degree or attend graduate school. However, it's best to know how the differ from traditional courses before making the leap into online learning.
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Sunday, Apr 05 2015 09:00 AM

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