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The Adult Learners Guide to Evaluating Online Colleges and Programs

Online learning can be an excellent fit for those seeking to broaden their career outlook though education – especially if they have work, family or other responsibilities that make keeping a traditional college schedule impossible.

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How Much Do Online Master
Explore the Cost of Online Master's Degree Programs

A master’s degree can be the ticket to both numerous career opportunities and higher wages, but it does come with a price. Everyone knows that higher education doesn’t come cheaply, so cost – especially the amount of debt that will be incurred – needs to be considered carefully when weighing the positives and negatives.

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4 Jobs and Careers that Pay Well and Lack Skilled Workers
Opportunity Knocks: 4 Careers That Pay Well and Lack Skilled Workers

Some of those jobs do not necessarily require college degrees, such as truck driver, professional cook or mechanic. Others, however, require college degrees and an interest in fields that are hot.

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PhD Application Walkthrough & Tips
PhD Application Walkthrough & Tips

PhD programs maintain high academic standards, the people reviewing the applications expect a certain level of excellence across all application components.

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Need to Know Facts About Online Ph.D. Programs

The following will help provide answers to common questions about online Ph.D. programs. Interested students can get all the information they need to decide if an online program is the right choice for their needs.
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Friday, Feb 07 2014 11:00 AM

Understanding Online Education: Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning and Communication

Thanks in large part to the proliferation of electronic devices, online learning has grown in popularity in recent years as students have increased mobility in terms of what, when, where and how they can learn.
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Friday, Jan 31 2014 10:00 AM

What is a PhD? A Guide to Pursuing an Online PhD

This guide will help to answer questions about online Ph.D. programs and provide potential students with all the information they need to succeed in an online learning environment. Read on for frequently asked questions about online Ph.D. programs, the application process, degree requirements, paying for school and other tips and tricks to make getting an online Ph.D. efficient and successful.
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Friday, Nov 22 2013 10:00 AM

Apply for College Scholarships with New Mobile Phone App

Instead of asking students to wade through scholarships they aren’t qualified for, the mobile app Scholly uses an adaptive search to target scholarships that are specific and relevant to the student using parameters like GPA, state or race.
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Friday, Oct 04 2013 09:00 AM

Technology's Effect on Today's Complicated Supply Chains

Just as supply chain management itself is an adaptation to technological innovation, so, too, are current developments in mobile and wireless devices poised to empower supply chain specialists.
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Tuesday, Sep 24 2013 10:00 AM

6 Top-Ranked Online Degree Programs You’ve Never Heard Of

Take a look at these exceptional but lesser-known degree programs you can complete over the Internet.
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Monday, Aug 19 2013 03:00 PM

Online Education & Distance Learning Articles, Tips, Guides for Online Students

Web-based classes are increasingly common, so online education articles and distance learning guides are now an important part of the U.S. News University Directory resource center. Advice on picking the right program, tips about how to succeed in an online classroom and announcements from leaders in the field – it’s all here. Take advantage of these valuable distance learning articles now!