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U.S. News University Directory encourages you to thoroughly research all of your educational options before choosing an on-campus or online college.  That’s why we provide you with the authoritative news, advice, reference material and other assets available here in our resource center.  You can read the latest articles about what’s happening in the world of education, watch videos about college life, download our free financial aid guide and much more!

All About Bucknell

Computer science major Amanda G. gives you the inside story on classes, dorms and professors at Bucknell University. CollegeClickTV

From the President of WGU

University President Robert Mendenhall explains the commitment Western Governors University makes to its students.

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Computer System Analyst

Computer systems analysts help various organizations achieve their goals by designing, implementing and maintaining computer systems.

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higher education is linked to higher earnings for health care professionals.

Higher Education is Linked to Higher Earnings for Health Care Professionals

While surgeons and doctors demand specific knowledge and skills that only a medical degree can provide, a surprising number of health care workers don't even hold bachelor's degrees.

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5 ways to prepare for college before leaving the military.
5 Ways to Prepare for College Before Leaving the Military

Here are five ways service members can prepare for college before leaving the military.

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Watson supercomputer to assist transitioning service members.
Watson Supercomputer to Assist Transitioning Servicemembers

As service members begin the process of transitioning from the military to civilian life, they are sure to have questions.

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Calling all cybersecurity pros: The NSA wants you.
Calling All Cybersecurity Pros: The NSA Wants You

In response to the U.S. shortage of cybersecurity experts, the NSA is expanding its National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations Program in hopes of recruiting college students.

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Amelia Rose Earhart Story Highlights Career Opportunities for Women in Aeronautics

Aviation and aeronautics are hot fields right now, either for those who long to fly or for those who enjoy the groundwork that keeps aircraft in the sky. According to Plane & Pilot magazine, demand for mechanics, air traffic controllers and aerospace engineers is far ahead of supply, making these fields particularly attractive – and lucrative – for flight-fancying career seekers.

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What it Costs to Attend the Best Online MBA Programs

Having an MBA is beneficial for several reasons. Having an MBA degree can help professionals either advance in their current career path or start an entirely new business route. Furthermore, professionals who have their MBA have the chance to earn higher wages. MBA programs also help individuals learn leadership skills, teamwork skills, strategic thinking and confidence.

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Everything You need to Know About On-Campus and Online Education

Whether you decide to attend an online college or pursue a more traditional on-campus program, how well you research your options can affect how quickly you find your ideal school.  U.S. News University Directory provides you with a comprehensive listing of America’s best colleges and graduate schools, along with a school search feature that allows you to explore them by name, location, or degree level and subjects offered.  But we don’t stop there.

Here in our resource center you can find the latest news articles and videos, which will keep you informed about what’s going on in the world of education.  Then there are our financial aid articles and free financial aid guide; they can help you save thousands on college tuition.  Please use all of these resources to make sure you find the college or university that’s perfect for you!