Top Online MBA Programs

Earning an online MBA is a great option to consider if you are an adult with family, military, work or other responsibilities. With online classes, schedules are generally flexible, allowing you to complete the work at your own pace. And most online MBA programs – including no-GMAT MBA programs and distance learning MBA's – are conducted by colleges and universities that hold national and/or regional accreditation. This accreditation lets you know that you’re getting a quality education, and assures prospective employers that your online MBA program is legitimate.

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Advance Your Career With an Accredited Online MBA Program

Competition for top positions in most business fields is fierce. Employers always want to pick the best and brightest, so completing an MBA program can give you a significant edge over those who hold only bachelor’s degrees. Not only will you have more knowledge, you will also have demonstrated your commitment to the profession.

It's critical to ensure the online degree program you choose to pursue is accredited. Accreditation can happen on both the regional and national level. Generally, regional accreditation is considered to be the more rigorous standard. In either case, accreditation means a program has undergone a review of its curriculum, staff and student statistics (such as teacher-to-student ratio and graduation rates). Be sure the program you choose is accredited - that's an important first step.

Online MBA Program Cost

As with a MBA earned through a tradional program, the cost of an online MBA varies from program to program and school to school. Some programs cost between $10,000 and $15,000 a year, others can run as high as $80,000 to $90,000.

In general, taking classes online will save you the cost of living on campus, the attendant living costs and transportation to and from school. However, as noted, the cost of an online MBA can run as high as one from a traditional school. Generally speaking, private schools will run higher than public schools, although that is not always the case when you factor in the availability of scholarships.

Online MBA No GMAT

Like many traditional programs, an increasing number of online MBA programs are no longer requiring prospective students to take a standardized test such as the GMAT,

The reasons for this are multiple. Some studies have found no correlation between standardized test scores and future academic performance or career performance. In some cases, schools are more interested in past grades and other factors, such as participation in community service and other extracurricular activities.

Regardless of the reasons, the benefit for students is that they do not have to take the exam in some cases, saving them the cost and the anxiety of preparing for and taking a standardized test.

Top Online MBA Programs

U.S. News & World Report ranks online MBA programs every year. These are the current Top 5 programs, along with the cost per credit hour.

1 (tie). Indiana University - Bloomington ($1,200 per credit hour)
1.(tie). Temple University ($1,296 per credit hour)
1.(tie). University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill ($1,466 per credit hour)
4 (tie). Arizona State University ($1,100 per credit hour)
4.(tie). University of Florida ($1,146)

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