Best Online MBA No GMAT Required Programs

Many top accredited universities now offer you the opportunity to earn an online MBA no GMAT required or online master’s no GRE required. That’s good news for your wallet, since the tests range from $150 to $250 – not to mention hundreds more in additional fees such as late registration, rescheduling and score reviews. The savings free up valuable funds for tuition, books and living expenses. You can also save a lot of time;, a graduate school advising service, notes that it takes over 100 hours on average to study for the GMAT. Learn more about accredited universities that offer no GMAT and no GRE degree programs below!

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The Value of No GMAT MBA's and No GRE Graduate Programs

The GMAT, GRE and MAT are standardized tests that educational institutions often require before you can pursue an advanced degree. Each has a specific purpose:

  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) – Designed by business schools to assess the ability of MBA applicants, the GMAT is a computer-adaptive exam that measures verbal, quantitative and writing skills. At a cost of $250 it is the most expensive graduate assessment test, which has led some institutions to start offering online MBA without GMAT programs.
  • Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) – The GRE also measures verbal, quantitative and writing skills but is geared more toward academic subjects. It costs $150 each time you take it (more outside the U.S.) and has many associated fees, such as $50 to reschedule, change your testing center or receive a score review.
  • Miller Analogies Test (MAT) – The MAT is a analogies exam that requires broad knowledge of western culture. It tests your understanding of subjects such as art, history, literature, math, music, philosophy and science. It usually runs about $150 depending on your testing center, but the MAT is no longer accepted by many graduate schools (most now prefer the GRE).

While standardized tests certainly have their place, many students – especially adult learners with regular jobs and busy lives – feel that their hard-earned money would be better spent on tuition and living expenses, and their valuable time on studying, work or family. This has made degree programs like online MBA no GMAT required and online master’s no GRE required increasingly popular.