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Top Master's Degrees in Law & Legal Studies Online

Legal degree and paralegal degree programs – sometimes collectively called “legal studies” – can qualify you for work in a variety of law specialties. Master’s degrees are rare in the legal profession, since most lawyers acquire a Juris Doctor (JD) degree instead. But paralegal master’s degrees are becoming increasingly common as the need for well-educated paralegals rises.

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York College of PennsylvaniaUndergraduate
York, PA

Earn Your Master's Degree in Law or Legal Studies Online

Online legal studies degrees are increasingly common because they offer you the opportunity to start or advance your legal career while continuing to work full-time. For example, working on your online paralegal master’s degree allows you to maintain full-time employment – perhaps in a related field like legal secretary – while taking your paralegal courses in the evening. Completing a legal or paralegal master’s program presents you with financial advantages as well; the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics estimates that professionals who hold a master’s degree can earn an average of $30,000 more annually than someone with only a high school diploma.

Sample Degree – Master’s in Paralegal Studies

This master’s degree prepares you to enter the paralegal profession with an elite education. Comprehensive study of many different aspects of the law is central to the program, giving you legal knowledge that is both deeper and wider than that learned in a more traditional bachelor’s program.