Online Liberal Arts Degrees & Liberal Studies Programs

Liberal arts degrees and liberal studies degrees include a wide range of academic areas: literature, art, languages, creative writing, philosopy, history, performing arts, media and psychology, to name a few. Graduates typically earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Master of Arts (MA) degree in their chosen discipline.

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Fine Arts, Liberal Studies and Liberal Arts Degree Careers

Many different academic disciplines fall under the heading of liberal arts. A general liberal arts and liberal studies degrees teach you how to think critically and introduce you to art, culture and history from across the world.

Typical occupations entered into by liberal arts majors are art historian, choreographer, journalist, creative writer, psychologist and editor. Liberal arts degrees can often be the first degree earned by those who move on to more specialized fields such as business and law.

What Can You Do With A Liberal Arts Degree

The number of different occupations that fall under liberal arts are numerous, but all have the common thread of focusing on some aspect of the human condition and home we express ourselves through art.

While earning an on-campus or online liberal arts degree can lead to dozens of different jobs, some examples might include: public relations, advertising, marketing, teaching, human resources, sales and counseling. The skills acquired in a liberal arts education are sought after by many employers, including skills in written and oral communication, research, information management, human relations and critical thinking.

The Job Outlook for Liberal Arts Degrees

While some associate a liberal arts degree solely with the arts -- dancers and choreographers, writers and painters -- there are many occupations liberal studies will prepare you to handle, many of which are growing rapidly.

For example, public relation specialists, who made a median salary of $55,680 in 2014, are expected to experience 12% job growth by 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Art historians and museum curators are expected to see 11% growth and made a median salary of $51,280 in 2014, according to the BLS. And advertising and promotions managers, who made a median of $96,720 in 2014, are expected to see 12% growth, according to the BLS.