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A law degree or a certification as a paralegal prepares you for work in the legal profession. Both lawyers and paralegals often specialize in a specific legal areas, including criminal law, family law, real estate law and tax law, each with its own unique set of legal issues to study.

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Online Law Degrees and Legal Careers

A Juris Doctor (JD) professional degree is required to practice law, but there are many different paralegal degrees that allow you to work in the legal field under the supervision of a lawyer. You can earn your legal studies degree online, or you can take legal courses and paralegal courses in a traditional on-campus setting.

Online legal studies degrees are increasingly common because they offer you the opportunity to start or advance your legal career while continuing to work full-time. For example, working on your online paralegal degree allows you to maintain full-time employment – perhaps in a related field like legal secretary – while taking your paralegal courses in the evening. Completing a legal or paralegal program presents you with financial advantages as well; the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics estimates that professionals with even an associate's degree earn over $6,000 more annually than someone with only a high school diploma, and having a more advanced degree brings even higher wages.

Whether you just want to take some legal transcription courses, complete a full online paralegal program, or go all the way and finish law school, a legal education can mean a more fulfilling and better-paying career. Some of the more popular paralegal and legal degrees include:

  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Paralegal Studies – This two-year program (assuming full-time study) prepares you for entry-level paralegal positions and can also serve as a strong base for later coursework in a bachelor’s program. The jobs that an AAS in Paralegal Studies qualifies you for typically involve work such as reviewing contracts and doing research under the supervision of a lawyer.
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Pre-Law Studies – This four-year liberal arts program is intended to prepare students to pursue their Juris Doctor (JD) professional degree at an accredited law school. Though a BA in Pre-Law does not usually qualify you for any particular job, graduates often find part-time work at law firms while studying for their law degree.
  • Juris Doctor (JD) – The JD professional degree requires about three years of full-time postgraduate study. It is required to practice law, and graduates must also pass their state bar exam. Lawyers typically specialize in a particular area of law, such as criminal law or tax law.