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On-Campus and Online Psychology Degrees

Earning your on-campus or online psychology degree prepares you for work studying the mental functions and behavior of human beings. This includes applying scientific methods to better understand aspects of the mind, including cognition, emotion and socialization. Some psychologists become counselors, helping patients overcome emotional, mental and family problems. Popular psychology degrees include a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Applied Psychology and a Master of Science (MS) in Psychology – General Psychology. Request more information about online psychology degrees from the schools listed below!

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Grand Canyon University

Abilene Christian University

Southern New Hampshire University

University of Southern California

Capella University

Brandman University

Benedictine University

Wake Forest University

New England College

Colorado State University

The University of Florida

Florida Tech University Online

Kaplan University

University of Phoenix

Northcentral University

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Palo Alto University

Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI

On-Campus and Online Psychology Degree Programs – Job Outlook

Completing a psychology degree program can qualify you for a variety of jobs. Exactly which jobs are open to you depends on how far you advance your education and what specialty (if any) you choose. Holding an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Psychology can allow you to enter occupations like substance abuse counseling and behavioral disorder counseling. Attaining a psychology master’s degree prepares you for fields such as marriage and family therapy or industrial-organizational psychology. Earning you doctorate in psychology allows you to pursue research positions and university professorships.

Career Spotlight – Mental Health Counselor

Mental health counselors help people overcome mental and emotional disorders. It is widely regarded as a highly demanding but very rewarding field. Entering the professional generally requires you to earn a Master’s degree in Psychology and complete and internship/residency. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that mental health counselors had a median annual salary of $40,080 in May 2012, while the field’s high-end earners made more than $66,600 per year. Job growth is expected to be 36% through 2020 – much faster than the average for all occupations.

Popular Psychology Degrees and Specialties

Some psychology degrees and specialties have become highly sought-after in recent years. These include:

  • Child psychology degrees
  • Forensic psychology degrees
  • Master’s degrees in Psychology
  • PhD degrees in Psychology