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Top Medical Schools & Best Medical Colleges in the U.S.

Top medical schools provide the advanced education required to earn a Doctor of Medicine (MD) professional degree and prepare you to take the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Many offer specialized training in a particular area of medicine, such as obstetrics or surgery. You can search the medical school rankings here at U.S. News University Directory. Other programs, like Master's Degrees in Healthcare and Doctorate's in Healthcare Administration, can also be found within the directory.

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Harvard University

Boston, MA

Founded in 1636, Harvard University is a private school In Cambridge, Mass. The medical school is located in the university’s Boston campus. Research students also work across the city in 17 different research institutions and area hospitals. Within the program, there are departments for social sciences such as genetics or cell biology, and hospital-based departments like pediatrics or surgery.

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Stanford University

Stanford, CA

Stanford University is a private school that was founded in 1885 in the Bay Area, about 30 miles outside of San Francisco. The Stanford University School of Medicine is in Silicon Valley, Calif. The medical school has research-based study options across most of their clinical departments. There are research centers for broad subjects like prevention to specific areas like Down syndrome.

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Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD

A private school founded in 1876, Johns Hopkins University is located in Baltimore. There are four main campuses, one that is mostly for undergraduates and three that are home to the graduate school programs. The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine gives students the option to work toward an M.D., a Ph.D. or both. The medical program works with Johns Hopkins Hospital and several research centers.

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University of California--San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

The University of California- San Francisco is located throughout seven locations in San Francisco and Fresno, Calif. There are 28 departments for students to choose from, including family and community medicine, microbiology and immunology and anesthesia and perioperative care.  Students can earn a second degree through numerous dual and joint program options.

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University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

The University of Pennsylvania was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1740. Located in Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania is home to the Perelman School of Medicine.  The medical school offers master’s, M.D., Ph.D., and post-doctorate degree programs. Students can also take dual degrees within any of the university’s programs. Departments include genetics, physiology and microbiology.

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Washington University in St. Louis

St. Louis, MO

Founded in 1853, Washington University in St. Louis is a private school located in a suburban setting. The medical school offers options for M.A., M.D. and Ph.D. programs in subjects such as clinical investigation, biostatistics and health science. Students can work with hospitals like St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Barnes-Jewish Hospital. There are research programs in the summer or all year.

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Yale University

New Haven, CT

Yale University is a private school in New Haven, Conn. Founded in 1701, Aside from the college and graduate school of arts and sciences, Yale has 13 professional schools, including the School of Medicine. Medical students work with the Yale-New Haven Hospital and must submit a thesis of original research to receive their diploma. Yale offers programs in areas such as immunobiology and pathology.

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Columbia University

New York, NY

Founded in 1754, Columbia University is a private school in Manhattan. The College of Physicians and Surgeons uses a unique curriculum set in three parts: fundamentals for a year and a half; major clinical year, then a 14 month program of electives, clinicals and other projects. Students work with hospitals such as New York-Presbyterian University Hospital and the Harlem Hospital Center.

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Duke University

Durham, NC

A private school, Duke University was founded in 1838 in Durham, N.C. The School of Medicine allows students to earn an M.D. in four years, three for training and one for rotations in the student’s area of interest. The final year can also be used to complete a dual master’s degree in an M.P.H., M.B.A. or Master of Science program. Students can also continue to work toward a Ph.D.

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University of Chicago

Chicago, IL

The University of Chicago was founded in 1892 in the Hyde Park area. A private school, the university offers a variety of graduate programs. The Pritzker School of Medicine at University of Chicago encourages research. Before graduating, students are required to complete a project in the area of scientific discovery, medical education, quality and safety, community health or global health.

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University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI

The University of Michigan- Ann Arbor is a public school that was founded in 1817. The medical school allows students to get started right away, seeing patients within a semester of their start date. The school offers dual degree programs for medical students to earn an M.B.A. or a Master’s in Public Health, Science in Information, Public Policy, Arts or Science in Clinical Research.

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University of Washington

Seattle, WA

The University of Washington is a public school located in Seattle. Founded in 1861, the School of Medicine offers M.D. and Ph.D. programs as well as a Medical Scientist Training program that allows students to earn both. The medical school has a partnership with nearby states that lets students do six-week clerkships in Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska and Idaho.

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University of California--Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

The University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA) is a public school founded in 1919. UCLA offers numerous options for continuing education, including the David Geffen School of Medicine. The medical school has options for combined degrees such as an M.D./Ph.D., an M.D./M.B.A. or an M.D.-Oral Surgery Residency. Medical students work with the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and other facilities.

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New York University

New York, NY

New York University is a private school in Manhattan that was founded in 1831. The School of Medicine  at New York University is located in the Langone Medical Center, near the East River. Students can study toward an M.D., Ph.D. or both through a dual degree. Students can apply for the School of Medicine Honors Program that includes at least 18 weeks of scientific research as well as a thesis.

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Vanderbilt University

Nashville, TN

Located in Nashville, Vanderbilt University is a private school that was founded in 1873. The School of Medicine at Vanderbilt University offers several dual degree programs, a Medical Scientist Training Program and cutting-edge master’s degree programs like a Master of Science in Clinical Investigation, Master of Education of the Deaf  and Master of Medical Physics.

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University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

A public school founded in 1787, the University of Pittsburgh is located just outside of the downtown area of the city. The School of Medicine has students choose a concentration area like global health or disabilities medicine. Students participate in numerous research opportunities through facilities such as the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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University of California--San Diego

La Jolla, CA

A public school founded in 1960, the University of California- San Diego is located in the La Jolla area of the city. The University of California—San Diego School of Medicine uses an integrated curriculum that combines clinical medicine with medical science. Students can take classes or earn a degree in subjects like healthcare leadership through the UCSD College of Integrated Life Sciences.

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Cornell University

New York, NY

Cornell University is a private school founded in 1865 in Ithaca, N.Y. Cornell has 14 colleges and schools, each with their own faculty. The Weill Cornell Medical College works with the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Hospital for Special Surgery. Students have once a week classes in doctors’ offices while taking Medicine, Patients and Society.

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Northwestern University

Chicago, IL

A private school founded in 1851, Northwestern University is located in Evanston, Ill. The Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University grades first and second year students with a pass/fail system, and third and fourth year students using honors, high pass, pass and fail. Programs include an M.D./M.M. program that awards both a doctor of medicine and master of management degree.

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Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

New York, NY

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is located in the Manhattan area of New York. The school is home to medical students ranging from M.D./Ph.D. students, master’s degree students and postdoctoral fellows. Students can choose between many research options, like dentistry research, vascular biology and mood and anxiety disorders programs.

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Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, TX

The Baylor College of Medicine is a private medical school in Houston, Texas. The college is located within the Texas Medical Center. Students have the opportunity to work with eight different teaching hospitals in the area. The medical school has four dual degree programs as well as additional research options at other institutions. Baylor has over 90 research and patient-care facilities.  

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University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is a public school that was founded in 1789. The School of Medicine runs over 30 facilities, such as the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies and the Center for AIDS Research. Medical students are a part of the student government through the Whitehead Medical Society. Clinical departments at the medical school include subjects like surgery and pediatrics.

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Emory University

Atlanta, GA

A private school, Emory University was founded in 1836. Located near Atlanta, the Emory University School of Medicine assigns students to specific societies with their own mentors and clinician advisers. The curriculum within the medical school is split into phases: foundations of medicine, applications of medical sciences, discovery and translation of medical sciences.

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Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland, OH

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Case Western Reserve University is a private school founded in 1826. The School of Medicine offers three options for becoming an M.D. The University Program takes four years, the College Program takes five years and includes additional research and clinical opportunities and the Medical Scientist Training Program takes seven years and awards a medical degree and Ph.D.

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University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Dallas, TX

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center-Dallas is a public school that consists of the Medical School, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Health Professions. The university offers master’s and doctoral degrees in subjects such as cancer biology and biomedical communications. The university has won a Nobel Prize for research on cholesterol metabolism.  

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