Religious Studies PhD and Doctoral Degrees Online

Earning your religious studies doctorate represents the pinnacle of academic learning in this field. It qualifies you for leadership positions in clergy and clergy-related professions, and also for teaching at the university level. Coursework at the doctoral level is challenging, self-directed and highly specialized; students select an area of concentration and then work closely with one or more professors to achieve – and demonstrate – complete mastery of it. Completing a religious studies doctorate generally requires you to create an defend an original dissertation.

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Career Outlook – Online Doctoral Degrees in Religious Studies

O*NET Online, a popular employment website, reports the median 2014 wages for clergy as $43,950 annually. A religious studies doctorate is enough to become ordained in many faiths, though some require you to earn the degree from an officially sanctioned seminary rather than a public university. Earning a Doctoral degree in Religious Studies also prepares you to teach at the university level; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual income for postsecondary teachers was $63,630 in 2014.