Online PhD Programs & Online Doctoral Degrees

A doctoral degree – sometimes referred to as a doctorate or doctorate degree – is the final credential in the hierarchy of academic degrees awarded by colleges and universities. Professional doctorate programs are designed to qualify you to practice a particular profession, such as medicine or law. PhD degrees, which you earn in a PhD program, are more academically focused than professional doctorates. Earning a doctoral degrees takes three or more years of post-baccalaureate study, and often requires you to submit and defend an original thesis as well. Request more information about online PhD programs from the schools listed below!

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Mercer UniversityEducation
Macon, GA

Mercer University--AtlantaBusiness
Atlanta, GA

Miami UniversityBusiness
Oxford, OH

Miami UniversityEducation
Oxford, OH

Michigan State UniversityEducation
East Lansing, MI

Michigan State UniversityMedical
Grand Rapids, MI

Michigan State UniversityEngineering
East Lansing, MI

Michigan State UniversityBusiness
East Lansing, MI

Michigan State UniversityMedical
East Lansing, MI

Michigan Technological UniversityBusiness
Houghton, MI

Michigan Technological UniversityEngineering
Houghton, MI

Middle Tennessee State UniversityEducation
Murfreesboro, TN

Middle Tennessee State UniversityBusiness
Murfreesboro, TN

Midwestern UniversityMedical
Downers Grove, IL

Midwestern UniversityMedical
Glendale, AZ

Mills CollegeEducation
Oakland, CA

Millsaps CollegeBusiness
Jackson, MS

Minnesota State University--MankatoBusiness
Mankato, MN

Minnesota State University--MankatoEducation
Mankato, MN

Mississippi CollegeEducation
Clinton, MS

Mississippi State UniversityEducation
Mississippi State, MS

Mississippi State UniversityEngineering
Mississippi State, MS

Mississippi State UniversityBusiness
Mississippi State, MS

Missouri Baptist UniversityEducation
St. Louis, MO

Missouri State UniversityBusiness
Springfield, MO

Missouri University of Science & TechnologyEngineering
Rolla, MO

Monmouth UniversityBusiness
West Long Branch, NJ

Montana State UniversityEngineering
Bozeman, MT

Montana State UniversityEducation
Bozeman, MT

Montclair State UniversityEducation
Upper Montclair, NJ

Montclair State UniversityBusiness
Montclair, NJ

Monterey Inst. of International StudiesBusiness
Monterey, CA

Morehead State UniversityBusiness
Morehead, KY

Morehead State UniversityEducation
Morehead, KY

Morehouse School of MedicineMedical
Atlanta, GA

Morgan State UniversityEngineering
Baltimore, MD

Morgan State UniversityEducation
Baltimore, MD

Morgan State UniversityBusiness
Baltimore, MD

Murray State UniversityBusiness
Murray, KY

National-Louis UniversityEducation
Chicago, IL

Naval Postgraduate SchoolEngineering
Monterey, CA

Naval Postgraduate SchoolBusiness
Monterey, CA

Neumann UniversityEducation
Aston, PA

New Jersey Institute of TechnologyEngineering
Newark, NJ

New Jersey Institute of TechnologyBusiness
Newark, NJ

New Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologyEngineering
Socorro, NM

New Mexico State UniversityEngineering
Las Cruces, NM

New Mexico State UniversityEducation
Las Cruces, NM

New Mexico State UniversityBusiness
Las Cruces, NM

New York Institute of TechnologyMedical
Long Island, NY

Online Doctoral Programs & Online PhD Degrees – Job Outlook

You can earn a doctorate degree online or through traditional on-campus education. If you decide to pursue one of the many available doctoral programs or online PhD degree programs you will have to work hard; these programs challenge you with the most sophisticated content possible, because online doctorate degrees represent the pinnacle of achievement in distance learning.

Earning your doctorate or PhD online can be a wise investment as well. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that doctoral degree holders had a median weekly income of $1,624 and 2.5% unemployment in 2012. For comparison, workers with bachelor’s degrees had a median weekly income of $1,066 and 4.5% unemployment, and those with only a high school diploma had a median weekly income of $652 and 8.3% unemployment. Earning a doctorate can clearly boost your income and increase job security.

Here are some occupations a doctoral degree can help you enter. The median annual incomes listed were reported by the BLS in May 2012:

  • General practice physicians ($180,850)
  • Pharmacists ($116,670)
  • Chief executives ($168,140)
  • University professor – business ($73,660)
  • University professor – engineering ($92,670)

In-Demand Doctoral Degree Spotlight

Here are some doctorate and PhD programs that are now very popular:

  • Online PhD programs in psychology
  • Online PhD programs in education
  • Online nursing PhD programs
  • Online PhD programs in public health
  • Online PhD programs in business