What Can I Do With a Graduate Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice?

Criminology and criminal justice offer a number of lucrative and rewarding job paths, but many of the best jobs now require an advanced degree.

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Job Description for Forensic Anthropologist
Forensic Anthropologist Job Description, Degree Requirements and Salary Potential

Forensic anthropologists typically work with law enforcement to process skeletal evidence - the information gathered may be used to ascertain a subject age at death, their sex and their general physical condition.

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Forensic Psychologist Degree and Career Profile
Explore Forensic Psychologist Degree Requirements and Job Description

Forensic psychologists may find themselves participating in both criminal and civil matters. They may be called to work custody disputes, insurance claims and civil lawsuits.

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Career Opportunities in Forensics
Explore Growing Career Opportunities in Forensics

The field of forensics has expanded into other areas now, with those working in fields as diverse as nursing, criminal investigation and psychology all specializing in forensics.

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Explore Fire Science Degree Career Paths and Job Options

While the number of firefighters has fallen a bit over the years, there is still need for those who specialize in fire science.
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Thursday, Apr 30 2015 11:00 AM

Explore Director of Security Jobs, Salary Potential and Degree Requirements

A Directory of Security may still have to supervise and actual team of guards, but the job now also requires a knowledge of computer systems and cyber security.
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Military Information Security Career Profile

Military Information Security Job Profile, Education Requirements and Career Outlook

For students with a military background or interest, information security careers are a great option. Jobs in military information security include planning, implementing and monitoring security measures.
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Thursday, Mar 27 2014 11:00 AM

Federal Marshals; A Demanding, Rewarding Career in Law Enforcement

Chasing bad guys is just part of the U.S. Marshal’s Service job. The federal lawmen are responsible for security in federal courts as well as protecting federal prosecutors and judges. Marshals also transport and guard prisoners, seize forfeited property, protect the Strategic National Stockpile and even escort missiles. Another of their better-known jobs is witness protection
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Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatchers

Police, fire and ambulance dispatchers handle incoming calls and dispatch the appropriate responders to the scene of emergencies.
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Cargo and Freight Agents - Salary, Job Description, and Demand Outlook

Cargo and freight agents help manage incoming and outgoing shipments in trucking, airline or train terminals or on shipping docks.
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Captain and Mate of Water Vessels - Jobs Outlook, Career Path and Earnings

Mastering highly advanced skills in engineering, navigation and leadership, captains and mates of water vessels work tirelessly to ensure that ships securely operate and provide safe passage overseas.
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Explore Top Criminal Justice Careers

Careers in criminal justice include corrections, customs, forensics, police work and public safety. The vast majority of opportunities in this field involve working for the government, so jobs are generally secure and benefits are good. Police officer, corrections officer, customs officer and similar criminal justice careers typically require a certificate from a vocational school or an associate’s degree from a community college. Forensic specialists and detectives usually earn bachelor’s degrees. A graduate degree is only necessary if you want to rise to top positions (such as chief of police) or teach criminal justice courses at the university level.