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Job Description of Tax Accountants

Tax Accountant Job Description, Skills, Education Requirements and Salary Potential

The main role for tax accountants involves preparing clients’ financial and tax statements. They may also advise clients on changes to tax laws that affect them while also analyzing the best measures to take to minimize clients’ tax liability and ensure compliance with taxing agency regulations.

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CSI Accountant Job Description
Forensic Accountant Job Description, Degree Requirements, Salary and Career Path

Forensic accountants have a number of duties that go beyond the scope of traditional accounting. Unlike their counterparts who often work with open books and budgets and may even prepare these records themselves, forensic accountants are tasked with following paper and money trails to look into such issues as white collar crime, shareholder and partnership disputes, employee theft, professional negligence and business loss.

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Job Description for a Budget Analyst
Budget Analyst Job Description, Degree Requirements and Salary Outlook

Budget analysts may find themselves working for private companies, organizations or government agencies. In 2012, an estimated 41% of analysts, however, worked for government at the local, state or federal level, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 edition.

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Career Options and Outlook for Engineers
High Paying Engineering Careers and Jobs Outlook

While the exact nature of the job depends on the industry in which they work - and the type of engineer they become - the bottom line with engineers is that they are problem solvers who apply the principles of math and science to large projects.

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