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Computational Biology Career Profile

Computational Biology Degree, Salary and Career Outlook

Computational biologists use mathematics and computer software to study biology. These scientists analyze large volumes of information and create computer modeling simulations for research and health business applications. Among the organizations that utilize this field are the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Government health and research institutions also benefit from the work of computational biologists.

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Restaurant Manager Job Profile
Restaurant Manager Job Description, Duties, Education and Salary Potential

Restaurant managers handle a number of important duties, including managing staff, inventory and supplies.

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Data Scientists Have Many Career, Employment Options
Explore Data Scientists Job Duties, Salary Potential and Career Options

With the amount of stored electronic data expected to double ever year this decade, data scientists are more in demand than ever.

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Job Description for Lodging Manager
Hospitality Careers: Lodging Manager Job Description, Education Requirements and Jobs Outlook

Lodging managers handle tasks such as greeting and registering guests, inspecting guest rooms for cleanliness and keeping track of how much money the facility is making. Lodging managers also ensure company standards for décor and housekeeping.

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