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Analytics Management Skills, Training and Salary

Analytics Managers Enjoy Good Salaries and Great Job Opportunities

When organizations utilize big data, they are able to make informed business decisions and can gain a competitive edge. Yet, in order to use data, businesses must first analyze it and interpret results. That makes analytics a booming career choice.

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Photonics Engineer Career Profile
Photonics Engineer Job Description, Education Requirements and Salary Outlook

rofessionals in this field develop and upgrade systems and products that employ photonics. They often examine lasers, optics, fiber optics and imaging in order to inspect and improve these products. Photonics engineers also research new findings in their field so that they can implement new developments, and they often create prototypes to test their ideas for feasibility and usefulness.

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Esthetician Job Profile
Esthetician Job Description, Skills, Certification and Salary Outlook

Estheticians are skincare specialists who provide treatments to improve people’s appearance. They decide which products will work best for their clients and offer advice for skin-care regimes.

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Bachelors in Social Work Careers
Explore Bachelors in Social Work Degree, Jobs and Career Options

Social work is a rewarding field for those with a desire to help others improve their lives. The exact nature of the work - and the pay - depend on what branch of social work you go into.

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