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Preliminary data shows growth in international graduate applications.

Preliminary Data Shows Growth in International Graduate Applications

When it comes time to pursue a bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree, many individuals in countries around the world turn their attention to American colleges and universities.

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Top Tech Disciplines to Learn Now
Top Tech Disciplines to Learn Now

tech is likely to stay hot – there’s always the next generation of products to develop and build, not to mention all the related support professions. And that doesn’t even touch upon things like the ever-growing need for tech-related security, let alone the things that are now the figment of some genius’ imagination.

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Preparing for a New Career
How to Prepare for a New Career (While Keeping Your Current Job)

While plenty of people change careers at some point in their lives, it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Research and planning is needed before you can make a move. Most importantly, you need transition time, which means you just can’t just quit your job and go do something else. For one thing, you’ll probably need the salary of your current job.

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Redesigned SAT elicits mixed reactions from students.
Redesigned SAT Elicits Mixed Reactions From Students

"More focused" and "useful" than ever before are just two ways the College Board describes the redesigned SAT, which will be ready in spring 2016, on its website.

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