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Epidemiologists Job profile

Battling Ebola is Just One of Epidemiologists Responsibilities

Epidemiologists are charged with investigating the causes and patterns of disease and injury in humans. Through research, community education and health policy, their goal is reduce the risk and occurrence of negative health impacts.

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Job Description for a Statistician
Statisticians Job Description, Salary and Education Requirements

Statisticians are charged with collecting and analyzing data for use in solving real-world problems. Their analysis of data can guide company decision-making, help governments determine where to allocate funding and even assist pharmaceutical companies in funding research to cure diseases.

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Job Description for Mathematicians
Mathematicians Job Description, Education Requirements and Salary Potential

Contrary to popular belief, mathematicians often do much more than add up rows of numbers and they’re likely to earn a wage that far surpasses the national average. Making this career more intriguing, the field is growing at a fast pace, which means job prospects are strong.

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Human Factors Engineering & Ergonomics Job Description
Human Factors Engineering Job Description, Education Requirements and Salary Potential

This unique field is a hybrid of engineering, psychology and occupational safety, among other disciplines. Growing at a pace that’s faster than average, this field draws those who like to help others, streamline processes and create new ideas to make everyday tasks less daunting for their fellow human beings.

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