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Managerial Accounting Careers

Managerial Accountant Job Description, Role and Education Requirements

Job growth in the accounting field is tied in general to the health of the national economy. Job growth in the managerial accounting field also gets a boost from the increasing number of compliance issues and continued globalization in business.

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Job Description for Radiologic Technologist
Radiologic Technologist Job Description, Salary, Education and Training Requirements

Radiologic technologists work in medical settings, typically finding employment at hospitals. Many also work in private medical practices or in diagnostic laboratories. While radiologic technologists spend a good portion of their shifts standing on the feet, their job is critical in the diagnostic process.

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Job Description for Microbiologists
Microbiologists Job Description, Degree Requirements, Salary and Jobs Outlook

Microbiologists are scientists who typically work in laboratories conducting experiments related to microorganisms and their impacts on humans, other living things and the environment. These professionals may find themselves working for pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, colleges and universities or hospitals.

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Biochemists and Biophysicists Jobs Profile
Biochemists and Biophysicists Jobs, Education Requirements and Salary Potential

Biophysicists and biochemists are scientists that study biological processes, such as heredity, growth and cell development. Essentially, they spend their days researching how living organisms tick on the molecular level. They tend to work in research laboratories planning, managing and conducting experiments. They are also frequently charged with managing laboratory teams and the work produced, along with preparing reports and presenting findings.

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