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Job Description for Municipal Clerks

City Government Jobs - Municipal Clerks Job Description, Education Requirements and Salary

Municipal clerks – sometimes referred to as town or city clerks – keep fiscal accounts, record minutes in meetings and draft bylaws and agendas for city council.

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Gaming Cage Workers Job Description
Gaming Cage Workers Job Description, Training and Salary Outlook

Gaming cage workers are responsible for collection and disbursement of cash, chips, tokens or other items used to make wagers or operate gaming machines. In addition, they keep up with paperwork showing such transactions. Click "play" to watch video.

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Job Profile for Nurse Midwives
Nurse Midwife Job Description, Education Requirements and Salary Potential

More and more women are choosing to work with nurse midwives, who help guide them through pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother.

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Special Education Teacher Career Paths
Explore Special Education Teacher Jobs and Career Paths

Special educators work with students who face obstacles to learning presented by physical, emotional and learning disabilities. They are tasked with teaching youngsters the basics while also helping them adapt for and overcome obstacles that may stand in their way.

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