Online Bachelor's Degrees in Human Services

Programs geared toward providing care for those who are experiencing long-term emotional or mental distress are staffed by human services professionals. Some work with relatively healthy people who need a minimum of care. Others work with more serious cases such as abused or neglected children, the mentally handicapped and the mentally ill. A bachelor’s degree in human services prepares you for professional-level jobs in this field, but an advanced degree could be necessary if you want to attain management or policy-making positions.

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Andrews University
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Franklin, MA

Earn Your Bachelor of Science in Human Services Online

Employment for human services workers should increase by about 22% through 2022 according to estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is a much faster-than-average pace when compared to all occupations.

Those who work in human services are dedicated to helping the less fortunate in society, including abused and neglected children, the homeless, the poor and veterans having difficulty transitioning to civilian life. They typically design, implement and oversee programs that help alleviate the issues suffered by people within those groups.

Human service workers include direct-service and and clinical social workers. The former helps find those in need and work with them to make improvements to their lives. Clinical social workers diagnose and treat those with mental, behavorial and emotional disorders, providing both individual and family therapy sessions as well as developing an overall treatment plan with other medical professionals, such as doctors and healthcare specialists.

Sample Degree – Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

Psychologists study the mental functions and behavior of human beings. They apply scientific methods to better understand different aspects of the mind, including cognition, emotion, perception, personality, socialization and much more. A BS in Psychology qualifies you for entry-level positions in the field.