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Accredited Online Bachelor Degree Programs & Courses

A bachelor’s degree - sometimes referred to as a BA degree or BS degree – is second in the hierarchy of academic degrees awarded by post secondary educational institutions. It is the most common degree earned by working professionals in the U.S. Acquiring a BA or online Bachelor's degree should generally take you four years of full-time study, though this can vary; some accelerated students finish in three years, while a few of the more complicated bachelor’s degree programs can require up to five.

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University of Maine- AugustaUndergraduate
Augusta, ME

University of Maine- FarmingtonUndergraduate
Farmington, ME

University of Maine- Fort KentUndergraduate
Fort Kent, ME

University of Maine- MachiasUndergraduate
Machias, ME

University of Maine- Presque IsleUndergraduate
Presque Isle, ME

University of Maine--AugustaOnline

University of Maine--Fort KentOnline

University of MaryUndergraduate
Bismarck, ND

University of Mary Hardin-BaylorUndergraduate
Belton, TX

University of Mary WashingtonUndergraduate
Fredericksburg, VA

University of Maryland- BaltimoreUndergraduate
Baltimore, MD

University of Maryland- Baltimore CountyUndergraduate
Baltimore, MD

University of Maryland- College ParkUndergraduate
College Park, MD

University of Maryland- Eastern ShoreUndergraduate
Princess Anne, MD

University of Maryland- University CollegeUndergraduate
Adelphi, MD

University of Massachusetts- AmherstUndergraduate
Amherst, MA

University of Massachusetts- BostonUndergraduate
Boston, MA

University of Massachusetts- DartmouthUndergraduate
North Dartmouth, MA

University of Massachusetts- LowellUndergraduate
Lowell, MA

University of Massachusetts--DartmouthOnline

University of MemphisUndergraduate
Memphis, TN

University of MiamiUndergraduate
Coral Gables, FL

University of Michigan- Ann ArborUndergraduate
Ann Arbor, MI

University of Michigan- DearbornUndergraduate
Dearborn, MI

University of Michigan- FlintUndergraduate
Flint, MI

University of Michigan--FlintOnline

University of Minnesota- CrookstonUndergraduate
Crookston, MN

University of Minnesota- DuluthUndergraduate
Duluth, MN

University of Minnesota- MorrisUndergraduate
Morris, MN

University of Minnesota- Twin CitiesUndergraduate
Minneapolis, MN

University of Minnesota--CrookstonOnline

University of Minnesota--Twin CitiesOnline

University of MississippiUndergraduate
University, MS

University of MissouriUndergraduate
Columbia, MO

University of MissouriOnline

University of MissouriGraduate
Columbia, MO

University of Missouri- Kansas CityUndergraduate
Kansas City, MO

University of Missouri- St. LouisUndergraduate
St. Louis, MO

University of Missouri--Kansas CityOnline

University of Missouri--St. LouisOnline

University of MobileUndergraduate
Mobile, AL

University of MontanaUndergraduate
Missoula, MT

University of Montana- WesternUndergraduate
Dillon, MT

University of MontevalloUndergraduate
Montevallo, AL

University of Mount UnionUndergraduate
Alliance, OH

University of Nebraska Medical CenterUndergraduate
Omaha, NE

University of Nebraska- KearneyUndergraduate
Kearney, NE

University of Nebraska- LincolnUndergraduate
Lincoln, NE

University of Nebraska- OmahaUndergraduate
Omaha, NE

University of Nebraska--LincolnOnline

Explore Online Bachelor Degree Programs & Accredited Undergraduate Degrees

You can earn an online bachelor’s degree or you can attend a traditional on-campus program. If you decide to seek a bachelor’s degree, a wide variety of institutions are ready to help you achieve your goal. Most distance learning students enter the workforce upon completing their bachelor’s degree, but some decide to continue their education with more advanced online degrees. Either way, your degree is a smart investment; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that professionals with a bachelor’s degree earn over $18,000 more each year when compared to someone who holds only a high school diploma.

There are several types of bachelor’s degree programs awarded by universities, and an accredited online bachelor’s degree is no different. By far the most common are the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees, though which you receive depends partly upon your field of study and partly upon your particular educational institution.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees are typically awarded for the academic subjects, especially at liberal arts universities where students completing their coursework in fields like history or physics receive a BA degree. At a few universities, BA degrees are only for those who study the humanities – art, music, literature, etc.
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees are usually awarded for professions, particularly at liberal arts colleges where students completing their coursework in areas like accounting or nursing receive a Bachelors of Science (BS) degree. At a few universities, BS degrees are only for those who study the natural or social sciences – biology, chemistry, psychology, etc. There are also a handful of schools, including all United States Military Academies, which award BS degrees for all programs
  • Other bachelor’s degrees are sometimes awarded for specialized areas of study, such as the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).