On-Campus or Online Liberal Arts Associate’s Degrees

A wide variety of academic disciplines fall into the liberal arts category: art history, classics, language, literature, performing arts, philosophy, visual arts and more. Earning an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts (sometimes with a specialty in your chosen subject area) prepares you for entry-level jobs in the field and serves as a gateway to further education.

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Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI
Converse College
Spartanburg, SC
Dean College
Franklin, MA
Dordt College
Sioux Center, IA

Earn Your Liberal Arts Degree and Work in a Field
You Enjoy

The liberal arts teach you how to think critically and introduce you to art, culture and history from all across the world. If you are committed to pursuing a particular art form or academic discipline as a career, an associate’s degree in the appropriate liberal arts specialty is a good place to start. However, not everyone who earns a liberal arts degree becomes an artist or teacher; with some talent and hard work, such a degree can lead you to employment in a variety of fields, including communications, design, entertainment or writing.