When Colleges and Companies Partner, All Parties Involved Benefit

By Chris Hassan
Posted December 31, 2013 11:00 AM

When colleges and companies partner, all parties involved benefit.
When colleges and companies partner, all parties involved benefit.

Some individuals graduate from college, never to return again to academia. Others earn a bachelor's degree and enter the workforce knowing their time in the realm of higher education is far from over.

Whether individuals hold jobs with or without a college degree, it's important for them to know that it's never too late for them to pursue additional education. In many cases, their employer may even be able to help make the process more convenient for them.

Perks of the Job

Not many companies are likely to turn down the opportunity to have a more educated and skilled workforce. To help their employees get to this point, many organizations have partnered with colleges to provide workers chances to return to school.

Thomson Reuters, Enterprise Holdings, Inc. and Build-A-Bear Workshop are among the companies to offer such an opportunity to their employees. In a recent press release, Webster University announced that these and 22 other organizations have partnered to help workers achieve their higher education goals.

"Our new corporate partners have one thing in common," said Benjamin Akande, dean of Webster's Walker School of Business and chief of Corporate Partnerships, in a statement. "They are invested in the development and welfare of their talents and believe that the heart and soul of any viable organization rest with their human resources. At Webster University, we believe and affirm this to be true as it reflects our mission and values. We are excited about these new relationships."

Through these partnerships, workers at these companies will be eligible for special tuition rates, whether they wish to pursue bachelor's degrees or master's degrees at a Webster location or online. As a result, qualified employees at businesses such as Office Depot or Scottrade will be able to receive a helping hand as they set out to advance their education.

Other Types of Benefits

The partnerships Webster has formed with the 25 companies serve as just one example of collaboration between academic institutions and businesses. The Pennsylvania State University's Smeal College of Business displays how partnerships with organizations can be mutually beneficial to all parties involved on its website.

Kohl's, Macy's, Heinz and Volvo number among Penn State's corporate associates. Through the school's Corporate Associates Program, these companies have access to student organizations and the accomplished individuals who comprise them. At the same time, Penn State degree seekers can interact with professionals from corporate associates in classroom lectures and other activities.

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