Web Analytics Skills a Sought-After Need in the Interactive Market

Learn how mastering web analytics can jump-start, reinforce or advance your career in technology

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Posted 2012

Web Analytics Skills a Sought-After Need in the Interactive Market
Web Analytics Skills a Sought-After Need in the Interactive Market

With more organizations striving to remain relevant in the ever changing Internet space, gaining skills in web analytics and online Internet marketing makes sense. Web analytics is an indispensable component of effective Internet marketing as these analytics are how organizations decipher quickly changing trends and decide how to respond to market conditions. As the Internet becomes more and more intrinsic to how we live and do business, a greater demand could emerge for those who understand e-metrics and can effectively advise companies as to how to move forward with their Internet marketing strategy.

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Web analytic skills are becoming more valuable to many of today’s employers due to the proliferation of the Internet and the rise of mobile applications. Web analytics gives organizations critical data, such as where their online customers are coming from, what they are clicking on, and how many of the visitors are converting into leads or sales – giving them a detailed overview of the behavior of customers. In addition, web analytics skills are essential during the development and testing phases of a company’s website where analysts can test buttons, ad placements, and other on-page factors.

Having this information allows managers to make critical decisions about marketing strategy, adjustments in business direction, and can even effect staffing levels. With access to accurate web analytics, organizations can be better able to compete in the market and develop new streams of profitability while protecting their market share. In today’s challenging economy, accurate web analytics may be the difference between a company competing or closing their doors.

Building Your Skill Set

If you are interested in landing a position in web analytics, the first step is to seek out and obtain the education and training you’ll need to be effective in the position. Colleges and universities across the United States are offering effective web analytics and Internet marketing programs to help prepare individuals for this challenging field. Whether you decide to pursue online Internet marketing training or learn on the job in the workplace, developing a specialty for web analytics has the potential to really set you apart from your competition. Additionally, having a working understanding of SEO/SEM principles, understanding the relationship between metrics and business goals, and learning how to interpret data are all critical to successful web analytics professionals. Taking online classes, attending conferences and seminars, as well as staying up-to-date on the news and changes in the field can all be tools to improve your web analytics skill set.

Making Industry Connections

Making connections in the industry is one of the most important things you can do for any career. Depending on your current career track, making a change into web analytics and Internet marketing may take some creative thinking. Once you have honed your web analytic skills, you can use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or networking with other IT professionals to find leads and job prospects for a career in web analytics. Participating in related groups in LinkedIn will allow you to brand yourself and your skills to others in the field.

Also, consider becoming a guest blogger on a high-traffic tech or industry-related blog. By publishing your thoughts and ideas, you may garner the interest of an organization that is looking for someone with your experience and skill set.

Showcase Your Skills

Once you do find a job opportunity that you are interested in, don’t hesitate to showcase the skills and experience you have collected throughout your career. Having a background in Internet marketing through search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing or affiliate marketing are all bonuses to those hiring for a web analytics position.

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Career titles such as SEO/SEM Manager or Specialist, Social Media Manager or Director are all titles that are either already working in e-metrics or are concerned with such. What these positions all have in common is that they require the interpretation of website visitor data and site performance. If you have previously held any of these positions, make sure they are listed clearly on your resume. If you are just starting out, a Specialist position may be a good place to begin.

In The End

Having a superior understanding of web analytics is the foundation of Internet marketing and can lead to many career opportunities over the long term. With a focus on tracking and evaluating statistics about how and when people visit a website and the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, a career in web analytics can be a rewarding and satisfying experience for those interested in the field.

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