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Universities Collaborate to Create Public Health Training Center

Posted March 16, 2011 09:02 AM

Universities Collaborate to Create Public Health Training Center
Universities Collaborate to Create Public Health Training Center
In order to improve healthcare education in New York, the federal Health Resources and Services Administration recently awarded the School of Public Health and Health Professions at the University at Buffalo (UB) $1.2 million. The goal of the funds, which will be disbursed over the next five years, is to launch a training center offering public health degrees and certificates for the state's public health workforce.

"We need to enhance training opportunities for the practicing public health workforce to help them upgrade their skills so they can better serve their communities," said Donald Rowe, head of UB's Office of Public Health Practice.

UB is collaborating with the University at Albany School of Public Health to apply for a $3.25 million grant to establish the Empire State Public Health Training Center.

The four facets of the partnership include annually assessing the training needs and assets of the state's public health workforce; creating new training programs; developing collaborative projects involving faculty, students and public health agencies across the state to improve public health services in medically underserved areas; and strengthening field placements for public health students. Individuals with healtcare related degrees and training are expected to be in great demand over the next ten years. Government reports project job growth in this sector as high as 28% in the coming decade.

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