Top Online Resources for Locating Nursing Scholarships

Nursing students looking for financial aid have a variety of resources to receive aid

By Neil Johnson
Posted 2012

Research Nursing Scholarships Online
Research Nursing Scholarships Online

The cost of a college degree is continuing to nudge upward regardless of whether it’s a two-year public school or a four-year private college. Not surprisingly, so is the need for financial help.

Tuition increases for enrollment in 2011-12 ranged from 8.7% for a public school offering a two-year degree to 3.2% for a for-profit school, according to the College Board’s annual survey of colleges. And that’s not counting a 4% rise in room and board.

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Nursing students can face additional charges other students don’t, such as clinic fees, uniform costs and even health insurance, all on top of text books.

Though nursing degrees are available online and let you avoid some of the textbook costs and expenses for room and board or commuting, students still need financial help with those courses, too.

On the positive side, jobs for nurses will be plentiful for years, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) making registered nurses the fastest growing job through 2020, rising at 26%, or 711,000 jobs. The need for licensed practical nurses ranks 27th with an expected increase of 22%, the BLS said in a release in February 2012.

Nursing Shortage Leads to Increase in Scholarships

An expected national nursing shortage has spawned an array of nursing scholarships to help students cope with the cost of degrees that can reach $20,000 or more, depending on the school. Fortunately you can go online to a variety of sites for information about nursing scholarships.

Some of the sites cover many of the smaller and lesser-known scholarships. Some also break offerings into scholarships for nursing specialties and also by state.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources offers an overview of government financial aid for nurses through the Health and Resources Services Administration.

The department’s Website provides a starting point for details about the federal Nursing Scholarship Program, which is just one source of federal aid. You can also sign up there for emails about when the next funding cycle begins.

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The site takes you through the program and how to apply as well as rules, eligibility and what the scholarships cover. You also can download a 39-page document with the application and information.

Nursing Scholarships for Minority Students

The Minority Nurses website focuses on scholarships for minority students offered by groups ranging from the National American Arab Nurses Association to the Lambda Pi Alpha Sorority Scholarship.

The Minority Nurses site has a search tool you can tailor to your needs or you can create an account to browse the group’s list of scholarships.

Another website that assembles a data base from a large variety of nursing scholarships is the Website for Nursing Scholarships U.S. The site provides scholarships along with details, contact information, number of awards each year and the value of the scholarships.

Scholarship sources listed on the Nursing Scholarship.US site range from the United Daughters of the Confederacy to the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates. The site also breaks out scholarships offered for students in a nursing specialty such as operating room or neuroscience.

In addition to the specialties, the site lists scholarships offered in individual states where you could find an American Legion Auxiliary scholarship in Georgia and other states or one from the Daughters of the American Revolution in Colorado. is a site founded in 2010 and breaks down scholarship programs by categories such as LPN scholarships, pediatrics, and even ones specifically for male nursing students. It also has a category for graduate scholarships.

The Nursing Scholarship U.S. site also covers advice for high school students on how to write the sort of essay that some scholarships require, as well as providing general information about applying for scholarships.

At the bottom of the site page is a listing of scholarships by state.

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The website for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing isn’t a specialty scholarship site, but it’s worth checking for the ones listed because some are fairly large amounts such as the $10,000 scholarship program by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

It also shows a long list of specialized scholarships, grants and loan forgiveness programs. The information is found under the “student” listings on the AACN Website home page.

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