Students Can Earn Master's Degrees at Select U.S. Zoos

By Catherine Groux
Posted November 27, 2012 04:00 PM

Students can earn their master's degree at a local zoo.
Students can earn their master's degree at a local zoo.
In order to develop the hands-on experience they will need to become teachers or zoologists, students who attend Ohio's Miami University will have the chance to earn their master's degree among animals at a local zoo, Arcadia News reports.

Under the Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP), students will be able to earn either a Master of Arts in teaching in the biological sciences or a Master of Arts in zoology, the university's website states. Throughout their unique degree program, students will meet at a local AIP Master Institution, or a zoo such as Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, San Diego Zoo Global, The Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield Zoo, and Phoenix Zoo. Then, students will be able to communicate with their peers and professors from the university through an online platform.

"This is a program that gives its students the opportunity to be directly connected to a zoo and network with other students and employees," Ruth Allard, the executive vice president of conservation and visitor experiences at the Phoenix Zoo, told Arcadia News. "They'll have the opportunity to do things like behavioral studies with the animals and interact with the zoo’s guests."

Still, if working in a zoo does not give students the hands-on experience they crave, they can also partake in professional development field courses, traveling to Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas to gain even more knowledge of these regions and the wildlife they contain.

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