Student Raises Money for College With Creative Video

By Chris Hassan
Posted January 08, 2013 01:00 PM

Video helps student raise money for college.
Video helps student raise money for college.
As the cost of college continues to increase, so too will the debt students are burdened with after earning their bachelor's degree. Last year, 2011 graduates who took student loans left college with an average debt of $26,600, according to a report from The Institute for College Access & Success. For some students, amassing a large amount of debt is unavoidable, but others are doing what they can to lower their education costs before graduation.

This is the case with Milton Gilder, a 25-year-old Duke University student whose efforts to pay for college have taken a creative turn, the Long Beach Press-Telegram reports. Rather than dwelling on his financial troubles, Gilder grabbed a video camera and created a YouTube video in which he dances across Duke's campus to the hit song "Gangnam Style." However, the clip was not created for entertainment purposes alone, as the student shares his financial struggles and hopes of one day becoming a high school teacher.

"One of my greatest dreams is to inspire youth to change their communities, to change their world, to change their families, and that's exactly what I've been doing this semester - pursuing that dream," Gilder says in his video. "I believe that dreams have the possibility of becoming a reality, so I'm coming to you [for help]."

According to GoFundMe, the website Gilder is using to raise money, he hopes to collect $12,716 through people's donations. Currently, his video has helped him raise $2,790.

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