Strong Soft Skills Help Health Professionals Handle Russian Meteorite Event

By Stacy Zell
Posted February 15, 2013 11:00 AM

Soft Skills Help Health Professionals Stay Cool Under Preasure
Soft Skills Help Health Professionals Stay Cool Under Preasure

The last thing anyone expects on their way to work is for a meteorite to streak across the sky and shatter in a violent explosion, causing over 500 people to seek immediate medical attention.

Yet this unexpected and very bizarre event that occurred in Russia on Feb. 15 is a perfect example of why executives in medical and allied health facilities seek healthcare professionals with established, strong soft skills in addition to a good education and training.

While not every emergency scenario can elicit specific training, like the morning meteorite event, it is important that allied health professionals handle emergency situations in a calm and authoritative manner. Ideally, to patients seeking medical care, the situation should feel as routine as possible. In situations where some patients may be experiencing delayed shock, it is especially important that attending medical staff be particularly patient and understanding.

Strong communication skills with the ability to process a lot of information quickly are two additional skills that are essential for addressing an emergency situation effectively. While these skills cannot be directly taught in a classroom, they can be honed with effective training and exercise. Seeking a reputable training program that provides resources for internships and clinical training in a variety of settings can help prepare well-rounded health professionals apply their skills to almost any new experience.

From helping to organize patient traffic in an emergency room, to assessing triage needs and establishing order in chaotic events, well-trained health professionals across disciplines are always needed to address life’s unexpected medical challenges. While not every medical professional can claim to effectively manage a meteorite emergency, those with impeccable professional skills and additional soft-skill development will be most ready to handle any event, including those of astronomical proportions.

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