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South Dakota Representative to Earn Bachelor's Degree in Political Science

By Catherine Groux
Posted May 09, 2012 07:19 AM

Kristi Noem will soon earn a bachelor's degree in political science.
Kristi Noem will soon earn a bachelor's degree in political science.
As of March 2011, a total of 99% of U.S. Senators and 92% of House members held bachelor's degrees, according to the Congressional Research Service. However, South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem was not included in this majority.

Although she had been considered a rising star of the Republican Party since she was elected in 2010, Noem dropped out of college at age 22 when her father was suddenly killed in an accident, CBS reports. In that one moment, her life was changed forever.

"It turned our whole lives upside down," Noem told CBS. "He was the guy who could do anything. I remember going to bed that night thinking, 'I have no idea what tomorrow looks like because he's not here.'"

However, in 2008, Noem knew it was time for her to go back to school, so she began using online education to take classes.

This weekend, all her hard work will land her a bachelor's degree in political science from South Dakota State University. Although Noem jokes that her father would say she was crazy for going back to school during her sparkling political career, she said she knows he would be proud of her accomplishment.

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