Professionals Gain Advanced Skills Through Online Certificate Programs

By Catherine Groux
Posted September 10, 2012 11:00 AM

Professionals can update their skills through online certificate programs.
Professionals can update their skills through online certificate programs.
In many fields, those who want to advance into management- or executive-level positions must first demonstrate they have skills such as leadership, entrepreneurship, corporate responsibility and the ability to negotiate. While students will most likely pick up a few of these traits in bachelor's or master's degree programs, those who want to hone their abilities or develop new ones can benefit from pursuing an online certificate. After completing only a handful of courses, students can quickly and affordably gain the professional development they need to stand out from other employees in their fields.


This is a basic skill all working professionals need to advance in their careers and take on more responsibility. In order to maximize their leadership skills, students can enroll in the online executive leadership program at eCornell, the online learning community established by Cornell University. In two to three months, participants take four core courses and two electives, which include topics such as personal leadership development, financial acumen, and coaching to develop and engage others, the school's website states. 


If professionals are hoping to take the knowledge they have developed in their field and apply it to the launch of their own business, they will need to develop a base of entrepreneurship skills. These individuals can enroll in the Stanford Graduate School of Business' innovation and entrepreneurship certificate program, which was recently launched in a new online format, according to a press release. Students can choose to either enroll in one courses or earn a certificate by completing eight courses on topics such as marketing, social media, innovation strategy and prototyping. 

Corporate Responsibility

As many large corporations have suffered from the negative attention of the unethical activity of their leaders, professionals can stand to benefit from enrolling in a corporate responsibility certificate program. Through Thunderbird Online, students can earn an executive certificate in global corporate social responsibility and gain knowledge of topics such as environmental sustainability, managing and overcoming resourcing scarcity, and society's views on a socially responsible organization, according to the school's website. 

The Ability to Negotiate

Whether managers are discussing salaries with their employees or working out a complicated business deal with clients, the ability to negotiate is key. To hone this important skill, students can enroll in the negotiation essentials executive certificate program at the University of Notre Dame. The school's website states that in eight weeks, participants can become more effective leaders and communicators by studying negotiation myths, barriers to communication, effective questioning and relationship building.

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