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New Scholarship Programs Seeking the Most 'Average Students'

By Catherine Groux
Posted January 10, 2013 03:00 PM

A new scholarship program is striving to find the most average students.
A new scholarship program is striving to find the most average students.
When students search for college scholarships, they might find that there are plenty of opportunities for bachelor's degree seekers who earn exceptional GPAs, engage in community service opportunities and receive high scores on admissions tests. However, comedy website CollegeHumor argues that there simply are not enough financial aid opportunities for students who do not do any of these things and are just "average."

For this reason, CollegeHumor is currently looking for the two most average students to award them with $5,000 scholarships, its website states. To apply, students must be freshmen, sophomores or juniors at a four-year college. Additionally, the website requests that students prove they are "normal."

"Did you sign up for three clubs but never attend meetings?" the CollegeHumor website asks applicants. "Is your GPA a 2.1? Would some of your professors have a hard time remembering if you were in class? If so, enter now! We hope you're not exceptional."

Students who think they are more average than their classmates have until February 2 to apply for the scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to upload photos or videos to prove they are truly less exceptional than their peers.

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