BlackBerry to Announce New Smartphone in 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

BlackBerry takes advantage of massive Super Bowl audience to launch BlackBerry 10

By Allen Graves
Posted February 02, 2013 09:00 AM

Blackberry Z10 Super Bowl Commercial
Blackberry Z10 Super Bowl Commercial

As the most anticipated sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl has generated record television viewership for the last three years in a row. In 2012, over 110 million viewers tuned in to watch the game. What’s interesting is that a large portion of that audience was watching not for the game, but for the commercials, which over the years have developed a fan base of their own.

For advertisers this is a goldmine. Nowhere else can such a large, relatively targeted audience be captured, captivated and (hopefully) committed.

Not surprisingly, this opportunity doesn’t come at a small price. This year, according to CBS News, a 30-second spot during the game will cost advertisers an average of $3.8 million. With this kind of price tag, the spots are commonly filled by some of the largest companies in the world, such as Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Anheuser-Bush and Lexus.

This year, a fresh face will join the ranks of the Super Bowl advertising alumni.

BlackBerry, formerly Research in Motion, has purchased one of the highly coveted spots to announce the release of their new smartphone, BlackBerry 10, which will compete directly with Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy and Google’s Android platform.The first version of the phone is set to hit the market in April.

With such a vast audience and the undivided attention of smartphone users all over the world, BlackBerry will undoubtedly get their message out to the most potential customers possible.

While the new phone itself is impressive, the true innovation comes from what’s under the hood. BlackBerry’s new operating system offers the user two different “sides” of the phone – one for business use and one for personal use. This technology, known as BlackBerry Balance, shows that the company is aiming the new smartphone at their traditional corporate client base.

Each side of the phone is completely segregated and insulated from the other, allowing companies to maintain the business side of a user’s phone without interfering with software or data on the personal side. At the same time, a user can make changes and add or delete apps to the personal side of the phone without interfering with the business-related applications and data on the business side of the phone. This can all be done at any time without having to log in to separate accounts.

Another feature that corporate professionals will appreciate is the ability to block users from performing certain tasks on the business side of the phone, like sharing specific information. This prevents users from accidentally or deliberately sending information to the wrong people and provides an additional layer of security and information assurance in today’s wireless, competitive business world.

BlackBerry is hoping to capitalize on good timing. They are releasing the BlackBerry 10 news in the gap between new product releases and updates of their competitors. They are also the only reported smartphone company to have landed a Super Bowl commercial spot.

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