More IT Jobs Reported in July

By Chris Hassan
Posted August 14, 2012 12:00 PM

More IT jobs reported in July.
More IT jobs reported in July.
From the healthcare industry to the business sector, the role ofinformation technology (IT) has greatly expanded in recent years. Because of this, many individuals entering the field have not faced the same kind of trouble jobseekers with training in other areas have encountered.

Conditions in the job market only look brighter as TechServe Alliance - a collaboration of IT service firms, suppliers, clients and consultants - recently announced in a press release that there were more IT jobs in July than there were in June. With the addition of 4,800 new IT positions, the increase was modest in size. However, it was still a significant improvement over the 2,600 IT jobs employers added in June.

"While the rate of IT job growth is not quite as robust as it was earlier in the year, July's numbers are nevertheless encouraging," said Mark Roberts, TechServe Alliance’s chief executive officer. "Based on our data as well as the anecdotal reports of my member companies, demand for IT professionals remains fundamentally strong."

In July, several sectors that rely on IT also experienced job growth. The field of data processing, hosting and related services, for example, rose by .9%. As a result, this could be a good time for individuals interested in an IT bachelor’s degree to enroll in a program that can make their career goals a reality.

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