MBA Holders More Interested in Tech Firms, Less in Banks

By Chris Hassan
Posted June 08, 2012 06:27 PM

MBAs eye jobs with tech and management consulting firms.
MBAs eye jobs with tech and management consulting firms.
In 2011, an employer branding firm called Universum released a list of the top 100 companies Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree seekers would like to work for on Fortune-CNN Money. This same company recently released its rankings for 2012, which show little change in the top 10 organizations.

Universum created the list using survey responses from 59,643 students from 318 universities, according to it's website. Once again, the most desired employer among MBA degree seekers remains Google. McKinsey & Company and Apple, the list’s second and third most popular companies, also held their positions from 2011.

While Goldman Sachs Group remains in the top 10, the banking firm fell from fourth to seventh place in 2012. This trend applied to other companies within the financial sector, including J.P. Morgan, which dropped from ninth to tenth place in the rankings.

"The banking industry dropping in the rankings can be [the] result of the turbulent financial market even though the prestigious banks are still attractive," said Kortney Kutsop, Universum’s employer branding specialist, as quoted by a press release.

Based on the list, many MBA students are eyeing jobs with tech and management consulting firms, as evidenced by Apple, Facebook, Bain & Company and Boston Consulting Group’s placement within the top 10.

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