Massachusetts Works to Expand Video Game Design Education

By Catherine Groux
Posted October 21, 2011 11:34 AM

Massachusetts is working to expand its video game industry.
Massachusetts is working to expand its video game industry.
State officials in Massachusetts have been working to expand the video game industry in the area, with the aim of having it produce about $20 billion annually within the next five years, the Worcester Telegram and Gazette recently reported. In order to do so, they believe they must provide students with the academic training they need to enter the field.

Timothy Loew, executive director of the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute at Becker College, told the Telegramthat there are about 24 colleges in the state that offer video game-related courses, and about half of these institutions allow students to pursue either concentrations or degrees in the field.

Massachusetts Worcester Polytechnic Institute, for example, offers both bachelor's and master's degree programs in interactive media and game development, according to its website. In these courses of study, students can take classes such as Design of Interactive Experiences, The Game Development Process and Introduction to Game Audio.

Earning this type of degree will not only help develop the gaming industry in the state, but also provide degree holders with the opportunity to earn high salaries after graduation. Jeff Goodsill, the vice president and general manager at Tencent Boston, told the Telegram that he believes the average salary for a professional in the video game design field is about $90,000.

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