Keys to College Success

By Chris Hassan
Posted January 09, 2013 02:00 PM

Ways students can succeed in college.
Ways students can succeed in college.
When it comes to college, success is never guaranteed. However, as so many people have survived the collegiate experience and earned bachelor's degrees, it is apparent there are certain steps successful students take toward achieving their academic and post-graduation goals.

Students Must be Responsible

For students going directly from high school to college, one of the biggest perks of living on campus is the chance to get out from under their parents' roof and get their first taste of freedom. However, those who choose to live in college dorms need to understand that they will not get far if they are not responsible.

This is why Fox Business highlights the importance of identifying priorities and establishing a way of successfully juggling all their responsibilities, from homework to extracurricular activities. Students can create a schedule they will follow, or speak to their parents or academic adviser for advice.

Students Should Learn About Their Campus

During the first few weeks of college, it is understandable if it takes students some time to get their bearings around campus. However, as time passes, those who want to succeed should familiarize themselves with all the opportunities and services that exist around school.

"Find out what sort of resources are available and what kind of support is provided by real people," Sally Rubenstone, senior adviser at College Confidential, told Fox Business. "Reference librarians, writing counselors, and career advisers can be key players when it comes to turning a so-so college experience into a successful one."

Students Should Get to Know Professors and Teaching Assistants

When it comes to selecting courses, The New York Times suggests students identify the best professors on campus and take whatever they are teaching. A great educator can make any subject interesting, even if it has never appealed to an individual. Being in the presence of an engaging instructor can only increase students' enthusiasm for their coursework.

Degree seekers should not stop there, as Fox Business recommends they create relationships with their professors and teaching assistants. Fostering a relationship with professors can work toward students' advantage if they ever need a letter of recommendation or are looking for career advice.

"A close mentoring relationship with a few select faculty members is one of the most important parts of a good college education," Christopher Duncan, the provost of Wittenberg University, told Fox Business.

Ultimately, every student will have a different experience on his or her way to earning a bachelor's degree. However, with this information in mind, their collegiate years could end up being a very successful period of their life.

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