Florida Governor Proposes Lower Tuition Rates for In-Demand Majors

By Catherine Groux
Posted December 11, 2012 03:00 PM

Rick Scott proposed lower tuition rates for in-demand majors.
Rick Scott proposed lower tuition rates for in-demand majors.
Florida Governor Rick Scott recently made headlines by challenging state community colleges to launch $10,000 bachelor's degree programs. In doing so, Scott hoped he could make higher education more affordable for residents and create a stronger economy bolstered by well-educated employees.

In his mission to produce more college graduates, Scott has emphasized the need for not just bachelor's degree holders, but those who majored in high-demand fields like engineering, science, healthcare and technology. For this reason, Scott's task force on higher education recently proposed that university tuition rates be frozen for three years for in-demand majors, The New York Times states. This means that if this suggestion is put into practice, students would pay less for a degree in engineering or computer science than they would if they chose to major in liberal arts subjects like history and psychology.

Dale A. Brill, the chairman of Scott's task force, said that while he supports the liberal arts, he feels that with limited state funding and a struggling job market, colleges need to be practical about which degrees will lead to well-paying, in-demand positions.

"The higher education system needs to evolve with the economy," Brill told the Times. "People pay taxes expecting that the public good will be served to the greatest degree possible. We call that a return on investment." 

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