Five Information Technology Degrees You Can Earn Online

Posted 2012

Online Information Technology Degrees
Online Information Technology Degrees

Earning a degree in Information Technology can lead to career opportunities in countless industries, ranging from geotech to gaming; from offshore drilling to online publishing. If you’re interested in pursuing one of today’s most popular information technology degrees, you can probably do so through an online program. Whether you need to continue working in your current job, or the requirements of a traditional classroom won’t fit your busy lifestyle, you’ll find many advantages to earning an IT degree online.

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Advantages of Distance Learning for IT Degrees

  • Flexibility: A traditional campus program may work for someone just out of high school, but adult learners have different needs. With online learning, you can study at your own pace; attend classes as your schedule permits; and keep working while going to school. Distance learning gives you the flexibility to arrange classes around your life, instead of re-arranging your life around your classes.
  • Program Choice: Geographical limitations don’t exist when you’re considering IT degrees online. You can choose the program that best fits your needs, whether the school is located across town or across the country. There is no need to relocate or put your life on hold to pursue your degree.
  • Cost Savings: With zero commuting costs, parking fees and childcare expenses, online learning helps you save money from the start. You’ll avoid the expense of room and board, campus fees, and student activity fees, as well.
  • Outstanding Instructors: With distance learning, you can select your IT program based on its instructors. You’ll have online access to the top professors in computer science – no matter where they are located. Check to see if your top-rated professors teach online IT degree courses, and explore enrolling in their school’s program.
  • Personal Attention: Students pursing IT degrees online find that interaction with instructors and fellow students is often better than in traditional classroom settings. Real-time message boards and chat rooms, along with email correspondence, means that you receive the personal attention you need as you progress through your IT degree program.

IT Degrees Are Suited to Online Learning

With streaming video, interactive functionality and downloadable lectures, information technology is particularly suited to distance learning. The best IT online programs offer the latest tools, technology, and courses – including current programming languages, security issues, software engineering and game development. Students enrolled in online IT degree programs have access to the skills they need to navigate today’s competitive job market.

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Of course, many students prefer the hands-on instruction, face-to-face interaction and campus activities that come only with traditional, on-campus IT degree programs. It’s important to research your options and choose the experience that makes sense for your lifestyle, and the program that fits your needs.

Five Information Technology Degrees Available Online

What are some of the most popular online information technology degrees? Here are five versatile and valuable degree programs that might fit your interests:

1. Computer Science: A degree in computer science can help you start toward a wide variety of careers, including software developer, web programmer, systems analyst or database administrator. A CS degree program is focused on information systems management, analysis and design, as well as e-commerce, network theory, project management, and object-oriented programming.

2. Computer Programming: With coursework in programming, systems analysis, computer architecture and database management, a degree in computer programming can position you for a career as a developer, programmer or systems analyst.

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3. Video Game Design: You may be surprised at the types of firms that hire individuals with degrees in video game design. From the U.S. Department of Defense to research companies (and of course, video game developers), you could leverage your degree in any number of interesting fields. You might find yourself working on flight simulation programs, animated applications, website development or artificial intelligence projects.

4. Software Engineering: In this program, students learn skills in computer systems, information architecture, project management, and web development. Software engineering degree holders often hold positions such as director of information technology, systems software administrator or data processing manager.

5. Technology Management: All types of companies need technology management specialists. Students in an online IT program in technology management typically learn skills in technology strategy, forecasting and road mapping, as well as business and management. Career opportunities are often seen in healthcare, financial services, consulting, telecom and defense.

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An Online IT Degree Can Take Your Career In Many Directions

Every prospective student has different needs; some are more successful earning their information technology degrees online, while others do well in traditional programs. Are you a working professional with a desire to advance your skills and take advantage of better career opportunities? Do you need the flexibility to attend classes when it fits your schedule? Then you may find the many advantages of online IT degree programs make it the only choice for you.

Check out these five IT degrees online. You may find one that fits both your long-term goals and your interest. With the flexibility of online learning, you could start your move to a new field or to advancing in your current career.

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