Financial Responsibility is Vital to Collegiate Success

By Chris Hassan
Posted December 07, 2012 12:00 PM

Many college students have money on the mind.
Many college students have money on the mind.
For today's students, college is anything but a four-year vacation. The time they spend working toward a bachelor's degree is critical if they are to succeed in an ultra competitive job market where employment is not always guaranteed. Furthermore, two-thirds of seniors graduated from college in 2011 with an average student loan debt of $26,600, according to The Project on Student Debt. As a result, it should come as no surprise that many modern degree seekers are quite serious when it comes to financial responsibility.

KFVS12 reports that for many college students in Cape Girardeau, Mo., money is never far from their minds. This is mostly the result of the number of payments the average degree seeker has to make these days, from tuition and textbooks to rent. Many of the individuals enrolled at Southeast Missouri State University have to be serious about managing their finances, as 57% of the student body at this institution is paying their own way.

"My parents told me from the beginning they will support me if necessary but I am on my own now," Mackenzie Hooker, a student at the university, told KFVS12. "I need to support myself because they won't be there forever."

When Hooker is not in class, she is working on campus at the Southeast Missouri State University Foundation, using her mobile phone to keep track of her budget or planning for her post-graduation career so she can quickly pay off her student loans.

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