Boost Your Career with a Distance Learning Master's Degree Program

More professionals are turning to distance learning programs to earn a master's degree and advance their careers

By Curtis Ross
Posted 2012

Boost Your Career with a Distance Learning Master's Program
Boost Your Career with a Distance Learning Master's Program

Distance learning is helping drive an online revolution in education, breaking down barriers of time, cost and distance that have limited options for some potential students.

Even traditional college students often favor the convenience of online classes.

In a recent article, writer James Marshall Crotty cites surveys showing 6.1 million college students took at least one online course in Fall 2010.

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Further, Crotty writes, 65% of higher learning institutions now consider “online education a critical part of their long-term strategy.”

Employees for whom an advanced degree could mean an advanced career, the benefits of distance learning masters programs are obvious. Distance learning provides a flexible learning schedule as well as eliminating the time and expense of traveling to campus.

The fields of business, education and health are among the top draws for students seeking an advanced degree, according to the Web site.

Online Master's Degree Programs for Business Majors

A Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree often is a must-have for advancement in the corporate world. Online programs make the MBA a more realistic proposition for recent graduates who have work and family commitments.

Many schools offer Executive MBA programs specifically aimed at business people who want to advance their careers but who lack the time or finances to pursue a traditional MBA course.

EMBA programs are “ideal for those who want to invest in their existing careers,” according to a report on the Fox Business Web site.

According to MBA Online, the top three online MBA programs are The University of Florida, Regis University and Syracuse University.

Online Degrees for a Career in Education

Earning a master’s in education isn’t just financially and intellectually rewarding. In some states, it’s a requirement.

Some states require that its teachers earn a master’s within a certain amount of time in order to retain certification.

Even for teachers in states without this requirement, the benefits of an advanced degree can be attractive. According to a Center for American Progress study, teachers with a master's degree earn anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 more per year than teachers with only a bachelor's degree.

An article on pursuing a master’s degree in education on recommends that recent undergraduates earn work experience before pursuing a master’s. The article cites an elementary school teacher who went to school part-time after securing a full-time teaching job with a bachelor's degree.

The teacher expressed concern “about the prospects within a school district for a teacher with an advanced degree but no real-world experience.”

For teachers wanting to pursue real-world experience as well as an advanced degree, online programs may be the way to go.

Distance Learning Master's Programs in the Health Industry

With healthcare among the fastest growing industries, and with so many requiring only two- or four-year degrees, it stands to reason that an advancement-minded professional would consider earning a master’s degree while gaining valuable workplace experience.

There are hundreds of healthcare-related masters programs, including several Master’s of Science programs for nursing as well as healthcare administration, social work and public health.

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