Employers Say College Graduates Must be Flexible

By Catherine Groux
Posted November 16, 2012 12:00 PM

Employers want to hire flexible, agile college graduates
Employers want to hire flexible, agile college graduates
Many college students worry that when they earn their bachelor's degree they will be unable to find a suitable position in their field. However, with a college education, individuals will have many job opportunities at their fingertips, as long as they remain resilient.

"Employers want to be much more flexible; they want to be agile," said Phil Gardner, director of Michigan State University's Collegiate Employment Research Institute. "They’re bringing in employees who can slide in multiple directions depending on what transpires over the next year. And that opens the door for students from a variety of academic backgrounds."

Kelley Bishop, the university's career services director, agreed with Gardner, stating that due to a constantly changing labor market, students must be able to adapt. Additionally, Bishop said the students who succeed in this job market will be those who develop their critical thinking skills, begin networking with prospective employers early and complete various internships.

Bachelor's degree holders can also benefit from applying to jobs in the types of companies and fields that are currently experiencing growth. According to a new University of Michigan report, small companies with fewer than 500 employees are expected to increase hiring of college graduates by 15% in the coming year. Additionally, sectors like information systems, environmental sciences, nonprofits, statistics, nursing, social work and web design are growing rapidly and plan to employ more individuals in 2013.

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