Data Reveals Which Types of Schools Leave Students Saddled With Debt

By Catherine Groux
Posted February 22, 2013 10:00 AM

Some schools leave students with more debt than others.
Some schools leave students with more debt than others.

In 2011, two-thirds of college seniors graduated with student loan debt, with these individuals saddled with an average of $26,000 each, the Project on Student Loan Debt reports. While most bachelor's degree seekers take out student loans, a Wall Street Journal analysis of U.S. Department of Education data shows that depending on what type of institution they attend, some students may graduate with more debt than others.

Today, students who attend colleges that specialize in music, art and design are burdened with the highest amount of debt upon graduation, as these bachelor's degree holders tend to owe $21,576. Liberal arts colleges fared slightly better, as graduates of these schools owe an average of $19,445 in student loans. At research universities, this figure was further lowered to $18,100.

The Wall Street Journal states that the government's new College Scorecard website may prove helpful for students who want to avoid bearing such heavy debt after graduation. Using this site, individuals can see what it typically costs students to attend a particular school, as well as how much money people usually have to borrow to graduate from the institution.

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