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Michigan city foots the bill for local students

Michigan City Foots the Bill for Local Students' College Education

Since 2005, a coalition of anonymous benefactors has come together to provide financial support to most students who graduate from one of Kalamazoo's public high schools, covering the costs of their college education.

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Recent college graduates are left to find employment among minimum wage positions.
Some College Graduates Working Minimum-Wage Jobs

Many students go into a college career thinking it will put them in a position to land a desirable job after graduation.

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Soft skills matter to many employers.
Soft Skills Matter to Many Employers

The knowledge and skills students acquire while pursuing a bachelor's degree no doubt influence their success in the post-graduation job search.

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Oberlin tables trigger warning policies following opposition.
Oberlin Tables Trigger Warning Policies Following Opposition

Despite the general acceptance of disclaimers coming before television programs and blog entries, the emergence of so-called "trigger warnings" throughout some U.S. universities has been leaving some individuals uneasy.

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