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Study: Teachers, not digital native students, better with classroom tech.

Study: Teachers, Not Digital Native Students, Better With Classroom Tech

Students working toward education degrees may be surprised to learn that although today's middle schoolers may have never lived in a world without the Internet and mobile devices they're not necessarily more savvy than their teachers with these tools.

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Survey finds many colleges lack core courses.
Survey Finds Many Colleges Lack Core Liberal Arts Requirements

A recent survey from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni found that few universities require graduates to complete courses in economics, foreign language, American history or literature.

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New video game MOOC takes different approach to education.
New Video Game MOOC Takes a Different Approach to Education

Massive open online courses have grown in popularity as an alternative to traditional college learning since emerging several years ago.

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Colleges tackle rising mental health problems.
Colleges Tackle Rising Mental Health Problems

A recent report from the American College Counseling Association found that the incidence of mental health issues on college campuses is increasing, and though schools themselves can treat most students, many need to be sent off campus to receive help.

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