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Online versus offline: Defining a learning space for students and professors.

Distance Education Continues to Increase Enrollments, Says Study

As the novelty wears off and the initial surge of enrollment into MOOCs ebbs, schools are searching for ways to incentivize faculty to take on more online classes, and some are having difficulty doing so.

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Facebook envy and depression may be linked in college students.
Facebook Envy May Contribute to Depression in College Students

College students who check Facebook frequently to see how their peers are doing may actually be making themselves unhappy.

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Medical education responds to health care changes with innovation boost.
Medical Education Responds to Healthcare Changes with Innovation

The enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010 created significant ripples in the health care system that are still being felt by companies and care providers to this day.

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Survey: U.S. MBA programs a cut above those of Europe and Asia.
Survey: U.S. MBA Programs a Cut Above Those of Europe and Asia

One resource Master of Business Administration degree programs across the U.S. aren't lacking in is confidence, according to a new 2014 survey conducted by Kaplan Test Prep.

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