College Students Await Arrival of iPhone 5

By Catherine Groux
Posted September 10, 2012 12:00 PM

Many college students are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5.
Many college students are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5.
A 2010 survey of University of Colorado Boulder students indicated that about 53% own a smartphone. Of these individuals, 93% said they use this device on a regular basis, while 82% said their smartphone helps them complete school-related tasks. These figures are representative of a larger trend, as smartphones continue to become more prevalent than ever before on college campuses across the country.

Given the immense popularity of smartphones among degree seekers, it should come as no surprise that many college students are eagerly awaiting the release of Apple's iPhone 5. The tech giant recently announced that it will hold an event on September 12, where industry professionals expect Apple will debut its latest iPhone model.

So far, experts and amateurs alike have speculated that the new iPhone will look different than its predecessors, possibly boasting a taller body and a headphone jack at the bottom, CNET reports. Others believe the phone will come with new headphones and feature Long Term Evolution, or LTE, capabilities.

Marc Hopkins, a senior advertising major at George Mason University and the social media manager of NOVA Advertising, said one of the potential iPhone 5 additions he is most excited about is the laser keyboard projection. This rumor was sparked by Aatma Studio, a 3D animation company that created a concept design for Apple's latest smartphone, CBS reports. In this mock-up, Aatma predicted the iPhone 5 would include a feature that allows users to project a virtual keyword onto any surface, allowing them to more easily type lengthy documents and emails. Hopkins said this feature would allow him to get more work done on campus.

"I usually don't bring my iPad to campus when I'm going to class, so if it did have the keyboard that would benefit me," he said. "If I was just in a study hall or something and wanted to send an email, I wouldn't have to sit there and type it all on my phone for days. The keyboard would definitely be useful for that aspect."

Rudy Troncone, a freshman graphic communications major at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, said he is looking forward to an iPhone that boasts a bigger screen, faster A6 processor, more durable material and easier-to-use software interface. With these benefits, he said he is sure the iPhone 5 would help him in his studies as he works toward a bachelor's degree.

"Well for one thing I am always looking forward to things that are quicker and more powerful," Troncone said. "These are the key 'things' to doing work more efficiently and faster. I do believe the new features rumored would help me academically, and I am looking forward to seeing what Apple has in store for its consumers."

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