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College Offers Film Students Opportunity to Gain Experience

Posted January 24, 2011 04:28 PM

College Offers Film Students Opportunity to Gain Experience
College Offers Film Students Opportunity to Gain Experience
Individuals who wish to launch careers in the entertainment industry often face cutthroat competition when they begin looking for jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, experience and professionalism are some of the key factors to succeeding in this field.

As a result, some institutions of higher learning are enabling degree seekers who are focusing on related areas, such as film, to gain these credentials while they are still in school.

For example, Brooklyn College recently announced its plans to create a Graduate School of Cinema in partnership with Steiner Studios, The Wall Street Journal reports. This initiative is being funded by a $5 million gift from former hedge fund manager Barry Feirstein.

The school is expected to open its doors in the fall semester of 2013, and will become the country's only institution to offer graduate-level study on a campus-based film lot. It is expected to offer between five and seven degree programs on topics such as musical composition, film production and business management.

Feirstein told the news source that he believes that the school will "have major impact on the film industry, Brooklyn College and New York City."

Similar programs may help students increase their chances of landing jobs in entertainment.

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