California Legislator Proposes $10,000 Bachelor's Degree Program

By Catherine Groux
Posted January 04, 2013 01:00 PM

A California legislator recently proposed a $10,000 bachelor's degree program.
A California legislator recently proposed a $10,000 bachelor's degree program.
Following what is quickly becoming a national trend, California Assemblyman Dan Logue recently introduced a bill that calls for bachelor's degree programs that cost students no more than $10,000, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

Logue's proposal came only months after Florida Governor Rick Scott encouraged the state's colleges to create $10,000 bachelor's degree programs. Since Scott made his plea at the end of November, more than half of the 28 schools in the Florida College System have accepted his challenge and agreed to explore the best ways to cut the cost of their bachelor's degree programs, Sunshine State News reports.

In Texas, the concept of a $10,000 bachelor's degree has been in the works since January 2011, when Governor Rick Perry called for these reduced-cost programs. Although his idea was originally met with skepticism, some schools have already jumped at the opportunity of making higher education more affordable.

While individual states and colleges have their own methods of making the $10,000 bachelor's degree a reality, Logue said his pilot program would encourage students to begin earning college credits in high school by taking Advanced Placement classes. Then, they would enroll at a community college full time, before transferring up to 60 credits to a California State University institution. Through this process, Logue estimates that the total cost for students to earn a bachelor's degree would be less than $10,000, including textbooks.

"I hope my bill will be the beginning of a revolution to the very pressing issue of the costs of college that students face these days," Logue said in a statement. "We cannot expect today's students to have a higher standard of living than their parents if they continue to leave college saddled with so much debt."

Under the pilot program, the $10,000 bachelor's degree would only be available to students majoring in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) subjects, The Sacramento Bee reports. Additionally, the pilot would target students who live in Chico, Long Beach and Turlock.

Currently, it is unclear whether the legislation will gain enough support in the state's Democratic-controlled Legislature. Logue is the bill's only sponsor so far, and California State University officials have not yet given their opinion on the topic. 

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