The Nation's Best Value Colleges and Universities 2014

These schools offer the best value for the cost, according to rankings from U.S. News & World Report

By Erin Palmer
Posted September 25, 2013 09:00 AM

The Nation's Best Value Schools 2014
The Nation's Best Value Schools 2014

Getting a high-quality education at an affordable cost is a common goal for students. Cost and quality were the major factors used to determine the rankings for the best value schools in U.S. News and World Report’s Best Colleges 2014.

The methodology behind the best values schools list examined academic achievement and the amount of need-based financial aid awarded. Schools that offered the highest quality education with lower costs after aid were awarded the top spots.

Here are the 2014 highest-ranking value schools in each ranking category.

Harvard University- Best Value School (National Universities)

Though tuition at Harvard University costs $42,292, the amount drops significantly after factoring in financial aid. After need-based grants are awarded, the average cost of a Harvard education drops to $15,486. Since 59.5% of Harvard students receive some sort of need-based financial aid, students have the opportunity to get an excellent education without going broke.

Amherst College- Best Value School (National Liberal Arts Colleges)

Attending Amherst College typically costs $46,574 for tuition. Fortunately, 55% of Amherst students are awarded need-based aid. After factoring in need-based grants, students can go to this No. 1 ranked liberal arts college for an average cost of $16,286.

Gallaudet University- Best Value School (Regional Universities, North)

Students who are deaf or hard of hearing have the opportunity to get a great education at Gallaudet University without spending a cent on tuition. Need-based grants at Gallaudet average $17,954, but tuition costs are only $13,800. About 75% of full-time students at this university receive some sort of need-based aid.

William Carey University- Best Value School (Regional Universities, South)

Tuition at William Cary University is only $10,800, yet the university still awards 90% of its full-time students need-based financial aid of some kind. Since the average need-based grant awarded at William Carey is $8,500, students can pay for school with little out-of-pocket cost.

Creighton University- Best Value School (Regional Universities, Midwest)

Attending Creighton University, the No.1 regional Midwest university in the 2014 Best Colleges rankings, costs $34,330 for tuition. However, 58.6% of full-time students at this school get awarded grants based on need. These grants average $21,524, making it affordable for Creighton students to get a quality education.

Trinity University- Best Value School (Regional Universities, West)

Trinity University is not only the top-rated value school in the regional West universities category, but it also topped the best colleges list in this region. Attending this No. 1-ranked university has a tuition cost of $35,262, but 48% of full-time students are awarded some need-based grant money. The average need-based award is $22,377.

Cooper Union- Best Value School (Regional Colleges, North)

Cooper Union, a private school in New York, was ranked No.1 for best value and best regional college in the North. Students may be able to attend this top-rated college without paying any tuition thanks to the college’s generous financial aid. Tuition is $41,400 and the average need-based award is $43,220. Need-based grants are awarded to 34.2% of Cooper Union students who attend full-time.

John Brown University- Best Value School (Regional Colleges, South)

Need-based financial aid is awarded to 70.1% of full-time students at John Brown University. Tuition at this school is $22,734 before financial aid. However, the average need-based grant at John Brown is $14,709, making the university highly valuable for students in both academics and price.

College of the Ozarks- Best Value School (Regional Colleges, Midwest)

Of the 1,379 students who attend College of the Ozarks, most of them get some sort of financial assistance. Need-based grants are awarded to 93.8% of full-time students. With tuition costing $18,330 and an average need-based grant amount of $13,741, the College of the Ozarks is an affordable choice for a high-quality education.

California Maritime Academy- Best Value School (Regional Colleges, West)

Though out-of-state students pay $20,604 for tuition at California Maritime Academy, its in-state tuition is only $7,956. California residents who attend this college may be able to get most of their tuition covered through need-based grants. Aid is provided to 65.9% of full-time students with an average need-based award of $7,261.

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