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New tax plans proposed to help cover college costs.

New Tax Plans Proposed to Help Cover College Costs

In the wake of President Barack Obama's announcement that the U.S. government will seek to provide two free years of community college for all eligible students, a flurry of questions have been raised.

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Are graduates as career-ready as they think they are?
Are Graduates as Career-Ready as They Think They Are?

Ask college students why they're pursuing a course of study, and more likely than not, their first answer will be that they're trying to boost their career-readiness.

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Professors may soon give feedback to students in videos.
Professors May Soon Give Feedback to Students in Videos

Forget the comments scribbled in red pen, professors may soon turn to video apps when it's time to deliver feedback on school projects.

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Tom Hanks voices support for Obama
Tom Hanks Voices Support for Obama's Community College Plan in Op-Ed

Tom Hanks is an international movie star, a two-time Academy Award winner and a community college alumnus.

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