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Scam targets college students with fake tax debt.

Scam Targets College Students With Fake Tax Debt

Students at the University of Miami in Oxford, Ohio may want to be cautious when answering phone calls from official police telephone numbers because of a new scam.

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Dartmouth College is the latest school to censure Greek organizations.
Dartmouth College is the Latest School to Censure Greek Organizations

A recent vote by the faculty of Dartmouth College showed strong support for the idea of ending the institution's system of fraternities and sororities.

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Scientists Claim House Committee May Interfere With Research
Scientists Claim House Committee May Interfere With Research

The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology is tasked with overseeing federal research grants and investigating recipients of questionable value, but some members of the scientific community have accused the committee of overstepping its bounds.

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White House challenges students, schools to fill out FAFSA.
White House Challenges Students, Schools to Fill Out FAFSA

With many college application deadlines fast approaching, the White House is calling on students and high schools around the U.S. to put a stronger focus on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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