Boost Your Career with One of These Six Online College Courses

In some industries, earning college certifications and degrees online can boost your chances in the job market

By Curtis Ross
Posted 2013

Career Boosting Online Courses
Career Boosting Online Courses

Pursuing an advanced degree often can give an employee a leg up in the job market, as well as a significant boost in earning potential.

Can. Not “will.”

All professions are not created equal, especially regarding pay.

According to a U.S. News article, “the major and industry a student selects ultimately have an enormous impact on lifetime earnings.

Those with bachelor's degrees who work either in management or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) earn more, on average, than people with advanced degrees of any level who work in fields like education, sales and community service,” the article states.

The Advantages of Furthering Your Education with Online Courses

Strong consideration should be given to the time, costs and motivation for pursuing further education.

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If the answer lies in academia or personal satisfaction, then the arduous studies will be worth their efforts,”according to an article on the Web site.

However, if the end goal is increased earnings, the student should definitely research their potential employment choices to determine whether the time, effort, and costs … will pay off in the long run,” the article states.

Still, in the right occupation, pursuing further education can be beneficial to an employee’s career.

Employers may be impressed by workers who decide to take advantage of online classrooms and learn new skills and acquire new knowledge.

Employees who take time to pursue additional education outside of the work place while keeping up daily job duties set themselves apart from their colleagues as ambitious and engaged contributors to the organization’s success,” according to a

6 Online College Courses That Can Boost Your Career

Taking online courses in the following study areas can provide the knowledge and skills to help advance a worker’s career.

Project management.Project management is an essential part of an organization’s success. According to, a survey conducted by the consulting firm Project Management Solutions found that project management training improved crucial aspects of business and project performance by an average of 26%.

Smart businesses invest in project management training. Smart employees invest time and, if necessary, money, in the training.

Organizational leadership. Phil Jones, creator of the Web site, cites five benefits of organizational leadership training: it boosts morale, limits employee turnover, improves productivity, provides a better vision and fosters creativity.

Health informatics. New and developing technologies are reshaping healthcare. The field of health informatics, which encompasses information science, information systems, technology and healthcare, adds greatly to improvements in the efficiency, delivery, cost and quality of health care provided by a healthcare organization.

New technologies.. Fields such as education and nursing increasingly are reliant on new technologies. They help make workers more efficient and can increase the quality and reduce the time requirements of necessary tasks. Employees who stay ahead of the technological curve give themselves a distinct advantage for career advancement.

Social media/internet marketing. Businesses connect with their customers the same way most people connect with their friends: online. Check any employment site and see how many organizations are looking for Web savvy social media mavens to boost their presence with Tweets, posts and email blasts. Social media training is a great way to boost your value within many organizations.  

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Web design. An attractive, well-designed and easily navigable Web site might be an organization’s biggest asset. It’s the digital storefront that lures customers. As the possibilities for Web usage grow and grow, designers will surely be in demand to ensure that a business’s Internet presence is all a tech-savvy consumer will expect.

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