6 of the Best-Paying MBA Degrees

From a marketing MBA to an MBA in Finance, these specialties provide the best opportunity to bring home a big paycheck

By Greg Scott Neuman
Posted 2012

6 Types of MBA Degree Programs
6 Types of MBA Degree Programs

Accredited MBA degrees are now generally considered a must-have if you want to advance to director- or executive-level positions in a major company. But there are many different types of MBAs; you can choose an old standby like a general MBA, or something more cutting edge like an MBA in Technology Management. For many students, the deciding factor is which concentrations lead to the best-paying jobs.

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Here are six MBA specialties that can provide the opportunity to earn a high salary:

1. Business Administration. Sometimes called a general MBA, this type of program can provide you with a broad understanding of advanced business practices. Coursework generally includes accounting, human resources, marketing and a variety of other topics. A general MBA is an excellent choice if you want to pursue positions such as general manager or chief executive officer (CEO).

Sample career: chief executive officer ($101,250 median annual salary)*

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2. Finance. Earning an MBA in Finance prepares you to assume roles of responsibility in the financial world, including management and executive positions. Coursework typically includes the standard MBA curriculum, plus classes in financial computing, financial economics, market theory and more. Choose this specialty if you want to pursue positions like financial manager.

Sample career: financial manager ($103,910 median annual salary)*

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3. Information Technology. Earning an MBA in information technology (IT) prepares you for manager- and director-level positions in careers such as database management, computer programming, computer network security and many others. Coursework is designed to teach you how to plan complex IT projects and anticipate future technology needs.

Sample career: information systems manager ($115,780 median annual salary)*

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4. International Business. These MBA programs provide advanced business, cultural and language training to prepare you for leadership roles with organizations that operate internationally. Coursework is specifically designed to provide a thorough understanding of one or two specific aspects of the field, such as administration or financial analysis. Any elective courses that do not directly relate to international business should be in subjects that will refine your language and cultural skills.

Sample career: international bank manager ($103,910 median annual salary)*

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5. Marketing. If you’re looking to advance to executive-level positions in advertising, marketing or sales, a marketing MBA is almost essential. Coursework includes identifying target markets, building brand power, selecting media and message strategy, and more. Choose this specialty if you want to pursue positions such as marketing manager or chief marketing officer (CMO).

Sample career: marketing manager ($108,260 median annual salary)*

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6. Technology Management. Technology managers combine administration skills with information technology know-how to help businesses and other organizations achieve their goals. Coursework typically focuses on how to manage IT personnel, anticipate future technology needs and trends, and plan complex IT projects. An MBA in technology management prepares you for careers such as director of information technology and chief technology officer (CTO).

Sample career: chief technology officer ($115,780 median annual salary)*

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* Salary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, accessed August 2012

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