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About Regis University

Regis University College for Professional Studies (CPS) is a national leader in adult education backed by numerous awards, regional accreditation, and a tradition of academic excellence. Our students are working professionals, parents, and spouses seeking to earn their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees from an accredited university that respects the balance between work, school, and family. Offering innovative online learning, accelerated five- and eight-week terms, numerous start dates throughout the year, and seven convenient campus locations, we meet this need by providing a values-centered education that is accessible, convenient, and affordable.

Regis University CPS offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a number of in-demand academic disciplines, and all of our degrees are supported by nationally recognized curriculum and dedicated, expert faculty. Students can choose from degrees and certificate programs in business, computer science, the humanities and social sciences, education, and counseling.

Regis University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.


Regis University College for Professional Studies offers more than 30 Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a number of in-demand disciplines. Some of our degrees are listed below:

Available both on-campus and online, Regis University CPS offers one of the largest distance learning MBA programs in the nation.

Master of Science in Organization Leadership
A unique and distinctive partnership with the Aubrey Daniels Institute on this degree ensures a curriculum that incorporates performance technology management and executive leadership best practices into our collaborative, holistic approach toward business leadership education.

Master of Nonprofit Management
This degree helps our students gain the knowledge and skills they need to move up the nonprofit organizational structure or start their own nonprofit enterprise.

Master or Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Our Accounting degrees incorporate the most current technology and industry practices while providing a strong foundation in ethical practices.

Bachelor of Science in Business Technology Management
This degree program provides our students with the hybrid skills set sought after by today’s business and technology industry leaders.

“I remember when I started in the technology field as a clerk. It was so long ago. I know what it’s like for a woman to work in a male-dominated industry. And now that I have a degree from Regis, a career as a Program Manager, and the responsibility of a state’s technology integration for revenue management, I also know that it’s possible to overcome it.”
Deneyse Maestas, Student: Bachelor of Science in Business Technology Management

“Thirty years after I received my Bachelor’s degree, I chose Regis to achieve a long-term goal-to obtain a Master’s degree-because of its reputation, visionary leadership principles, and its focus on the working adult.”
Debra O’Neal Bean, Graduate: Master of Science in Organization Leadership

“Going back to school as an adult can be challenging. My biggest concern was: Can I go back to school, still perform at work, and enjoy my family? The answer was: Absolutely.”
Gerald Lewis, Graduate: Master of Business Administration in Marketing