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Norwich University's tradition of excellence and proud military heritage that began at its campus in 1819 is reflected in its online graduate programs. All of the Norwich online programs offer relevant, focused curricula, and small, interactive classes. As an institution long associated with innovation in education and the preparation of the nation's business, government, and military leaders, Norwich faculty and its graduates continue to contribute to the development of the economic, political, and social infrastructure of the nation and the world.

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Norwich University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

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Convenient Online Distance Learning

The Norwich Online programs are delivered asynchronously to give you the ability to factor in the demands of your personal life and professional duties. Norwich University also provides 24/7 technical support with access issues within the classroom, to ensure you can learn any time of the day. The 15-18 month online coursework is capped off with a 1-week residency trip in June to Norwich University, located in the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains.

The Norwich Advantage

Master of Business Administration

  • General Online MBA –  An MBA can help give you a substantial edge in today’s highly competitive global market. In fact, it’s increasingly becoming a minimum requirement for advancement. That’s why Norwich University offers an ACBSP-accredited online MBA designed to help maximize your personal and professional potential. Our program intends to expand your core business knowledge in finance, marketing, operations and resource management; prepare you to tackle current, real-world management challenges; and equip you with the legendary leadership skills that Norwich has been offering its students since its inception in 1819.
As an MBA student at Norwich, you can expect to:

Choose a university renowned for leadership, tradition and experiential learning. Choose Norwich.

  •  MBA – Construction Management – The goal of construction management is to bring building projects to completion, including public, residential, commercial and industrial structures. With new technologies and techniques on the horizon and construction projects’ increased complexity, the demand for skilled leaders in the construction management field is higher than ever. Through our ACBSP-accredited online MBA with a concentration in Construction Management, you can learn core concepts for success, such as project finance and accounting, project scheduling, strategic resource management and effective communication. As a leader in innovative education since 1819, Norwich University can offer you a strong education aided by our extensive network and respected reputation. 
  •  MBA – Finance Advancing your career in finance demands that you possess a solid understanding of investment and portfolio management, international finance, bank management and risk management. It also demands that you cultivate the communication skills and management prowess to effectively lead others. Norwich University’s ACBSP-accredited online MBA in Finance is designed to help you do both. We’ve been educating the nation’s military, government and business leaders since 1819; we know what it takes to prepare you for lasting success. Choose our MBA and prepare to strengthen your decision-making capabilities, build your business acumen and enhance your financial analysis skills. 
  •  MBA – Organizational Leadership – In today’s global economy, one thing is constant: change. When change occurs within an organization, it’s imperative that someone lead the charge to help minimize resistance and maximize the effectiveness of the effort. This is exactly what Norwich’s ACBSP-accredited online MBA in Organizational Leadership can prepare you to do. Norwich, an educator of leaders in the military, government and business sectors since 1819, can help you learn the leadership and management skills to successfully guide others towards collaborative efforts and positive results in the face of change. 
  •  MBA – Project Management – Make career growth your next project with an ACBSP-accredited online MBA in Project Management from Norwich University. Prepare to tackle multifaceted assignments by expanding your core business knowledge in finance, marketing, operations and strategic resource management. Then cultivate the specialized project management expertise to successfully deliver projects and programs of any size for corporations across the globe. Rely on Norwich—a renowned educator of military, government and business sector leaders since 1819—to teach you the skills that can help you reach new heights in your career as a project management professional. 
  •  MBA – Supply Chain Management & Logistics – With global business operations growing more complex, modern organizations must implement successful supply chain management strategies or risk falling behind. That’s why many are turning to talented supply chain and logistics professionals for help. If you are looking to launch or expand your career in this vitally important field, then Norwich University can help you gain the credentials necessary with our ACBSP-accredited online MBA in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Start by building a solid foundation in key supply chain concepts—from strategy and logistics to assessment and optimization. Then apply your knowledge to help your organization achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Prepare yourself for advancement by cultivating the legendary leadership skills that Norwich has been offering its students since 1819.


Master of Civil Engineering

Based on recent recommendations from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Norwich University's Master of Civil Engineering offers you a "3-in-1" online program. The MCE blends civil engineering technical competencies with business management principles and project management fundamentals. You can customize the program by choosing a concentration in: Structural Engineering, Environmental/Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, or Construction Management. The comprehensive curriculum will provide you with the knowledge to efficiently manage projects from design to implementation. Our learning model combines relevant theory with real-world application for immediate results. Norwich is the first private university in the United States to offer a civil engineering program. If you’re in need of refreshing your skills, but do not have the necessary background to be successful in the program, prerequisite courses are available.

Master of Arts in Diplomacy

Norwich University's Master of Arts in Diplomacy (MDY) is delivered conveniently online and provides insight into crucial global topics in order to build the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Through a core curriculum that examines theories on international relations, international law, the world economy, the management and resolution of international conflict, terrorism and post-conflict nation building, students can acquire an in-depth understanding of foreign relations through both theoretical and practical application. You can tailor your education to your specific needs with a choice of four customizations: International Conflict Management, International Terrorism, International Commerce or Cyber Diplomacy.

  • MDY - Cyber Diplomacy concentration study today’s fundamental issues, debates and events in International Relations pertinent to the world of cyberspace. Develop an understanding of the relationship between diplomacy and cyber security through research and a capstone project. Construct international communications models while assessing previous international cyber diplomatic issues. Apply your knowledge by recommending actions regarding various phases of international cybersecurity incidents.
  • MDY - International Commerce concentration focuses on the role of private-sector commerce in the international system by examining internal and external environmental conditions when conducting commerce in a global environment. The program is designed to explore the impact of economics, law, politics, and culture on multinational commerce endeavors to help increase the understanding of the global commerce environment.
  • MDY - International Conflict Management concentration is oriented toward avoidance, management and mitigation of conflict in this increasingly conflict-oriented world and is designed for civilian and military professionals who must apply a broad range of skills in diplomacy, conflict resolution or management, and post-conflict nation building.
  • MDY - International Terrorism concentration examines the growing threat of terrorism in the international community. The need to explore this threat is obvious. But the complexity of this threat is not so obvious, and is in need of examination by those that are attempting to combat it. The concentration focuses on two major aspects of terrorism, state sponsored and non-state sponsored terrorism and then explores the international community's response to this global threat.

Master of Arts in Military History

Military history students share a common thirst for knowledge that requires a broad look at historical events from all corners of the world and accounts of those events from multiple viewpoints. The Norwich University Master of Arts in Military History online is a far-reaching expedition that compares military strategies and outcomes across borders, oceans and generations. Conflicts such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Vietnam War and World Wars I and II are dissected through a comprehensive study of differing interpretations, giving students a sweeping consciousness of world military history.

As the nation’s very first private military college and the birthplace of the ROTC program, Norwich University is uniquely qualified to deliver this advanced degree program. Our graduates have served in every American war since Norwich was founded in 1819.

Master of Arts in History

The Master of Arts in History online program at Norwich University gives you the opportunity to embark on a pivotal educational voyage into the past. This thought-provoking degree program allows you to analyze, discuss, and debate the key historical moments, events, and people that helped to shape the current world in which we live.

Master of Public Administration

  • General MPA Program – The public sector needs strong leaders at every level to implement new ideas and to tackle today’s tough issues. The Master of Public Administration online program from Norwich University gives students the opportunity to acquire the skills that the field demands with the flexibility of a 100% online platform.

  - Build your public administration foundation with a rigorous core curriculum that focuses on policy implementation, research and analysis, law and organizational leadership.
  - Expand your degree by choosing from 8 concentrations, ranging from Nonprofit Management to Public Administration Leadership and Crisis Management.
  - Develop your financial literacy, critical thinking, communication, interpersonal and leadership skills with Norwich University, a leader in public service education since 1819.

Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance

Norwich University's Master of Science in Information Security & Assurance online program allows information security professionals to integrate their technical competencies with business management skills. A comprehensive core curriculum and an individual case study project equip graduates with the skills to manage and lead an organization-wide information security program. Since 2002, the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have designated Norwich University as one of the first Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education in the country. Our unique seminar system presents highly integrated material by functional area, rather than in separate, concurrent course segments. In addition to the core curriculum, you will also be able to delve further into specific-subject areas through concentration courses.

Master of Science in Nursing

Now more than ever nursing educators and administrators are needed to train the nurses of tomorrow and lead organizations that deliver critical health care services. Both of these important nursing functions – education and administration – offer you the opportunity to advance your career, attain greater life-work balance, and realize personal growth. Norwich University, a nearly 200-year old institution that has trained the nation’s military and civilian leaders, offers a CCNE-accredited Master of Science in Nursing online program that provides you with the skills needed to become a leader in the nursing field, and the opportunity to specialize in one of two concentrations: nursing administration or nursing education.

Master of Science in Leadership 

The most successful leaders are prepared to offer guidance in every situation and are equipped with the strategic knowledge and specialized skills to inspire action while getting the job done. Norwich University’s Master of Science in Leadership online program explores the art and science of leadership, including strategic communication, and organizational behavior and leadership theory, giving you the advanced knowledge to be a confident leader in any role. Choose to specialize in:

  • Master of Science in Leadership  Leading Change Management Consulting – This concentration draws on real-world and relevant case studies to provide a deep exploration of effective change management strategies, through the lens of a consultant leading these initiatives. Within the Leading Change Management Consulting curriculum, you will have the opportunity to study change management initiatives and analyze the theories and practices that led to their success or failure.
  • Master of Science in Leadership  Hospitality Leadership and Management Systems – This concentration provides a study of modern leadership practices and strategy within the hospitality industry, one of the fastest growing sectors. Learn how to balance limited resources with the ever changing needs of the marketplace in the quest to ensure first-rate customer service. Explore stakeholder relationships, strategic management, and ways to improve customer loyalty and employee satisfaction as you develop the skill sets to help you thrive in modern hospitality leadership.
  • Master of Science in Leadership  Human Resources Leadership – In this concentration, students explore the role of the human resources leader in developing a value-based organizational culture capable of achieving strategic goals and objectives. Coursework and analysis will focus on the impact that factors such as globalization, technology, and worker diversity have on achieving the work/life balance needs and capabilities required by organizations and individuals to be successful in different environments.
  • Master of Science in Leadership  Public Sector/Government/Military Leadership – Public sector, government, and military agencies present unique challenges to those in leadership roles. This concentration is designed to provide you with the theoretical and tactical knowledge to engage your stakeholders, collaborate with outside agencies, shape organizational culture and respond to contemporary issues.
  • Master of Science in Leadership  Organizational Leadership – Driven leaders do so much more than cultivate the success of an organization - they make a lasting impact that resonates through every facet of an organization.  This concentration emboldens current and emerging leaders to actively hone their skills with a multidisciplinary framework where you examine key concepts such as organizational behavior, strategic communication, change management, and emotional intelligence through case studies and workplace-based projects.  

Make a greater impact. Earn your Master of Science in Leadership with Norwich University - Where Driven Leaders Make an Impact.

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