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At Concord Law School, your desire to earn a law degree is not only within reach, it's as close as your briefcase, computer, or tablet. Concord's online platform provides unprecedented access to a best-in-class law degree program from virtually anywhere in the world. And, our law degrees will give you a whole new world of opportunities. Since 1998, Concord Law School has brought together some of the best legal minds, a leading interactive educational technology, and a curriculum designed to develop the same core skills and knowledge as the top law schools in the country. Professionals from diverse backgrounds have taken the next big step in their careers with a legal education that can open doors and expand horizons.

To date, Concord Law School has helped more than 1,700 graduates earn a Juris Doctor (JD), Executive Juris DoctorSM (EJD), or LLM degree and realize a goal that, for many, would have once seemed unreachable. We offer three innovative, flexible and affordable law degree programs. How affordable? The full tuition for Concord's Juris Doctor degree is less than 1 year's tuition at most private law schools.

Concord’s Innovative Online Law Programs

Whether you desire to enhance your professional profile or chart a new career course, Concord Law School is an ideal way to earn a law degree in a way that best fits your professional and personal needs. We offer three innovative, flexible and affordable law degree programs:

  • Juris Doctor (JD) Law Degree: The Concord online JD degree is a four year, part-time program. Its traditional curriculum is grounded in core bar courses. Graduates will have met the legal education requirements of the Committee of Bar Examiners, State Bar of California
  • Executive Juris Doctor (EJD) Law Degree: The online EJD degree is designed for individuals who have an interest in the law or whose careers would benefit from a legal education. It is a three year, part-time program that provides a core of required courses, then offers students the freedom to choose a course of study tailored to their needs or interests.

“In my part-time practice, much of my work is pro bono, where I represent people at no charge…I have also handled civil matters ranging from contract disputes to patent licensing.It is a privilege to be an attorney, one who can represent the interests of others as their legal counsel, and it wouldn’t have happened were it not for the high caliber of legal education I received at Concord Law School.”
– Ross Mitchell, 2004, Boston, MA

“As a graduate of Concord Law School and now a working attorney, my experience with Concord was outstanding. Having never attended anything other than brick-and-mortar schools, I didn’t know what to expect. Concord’s staff made me feel at ease by providing the support I needed to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. With Concord’s cutting-edge online system, challenging program, and excellent communication and response time from professors, I felt confident at the bar exam and entering into practice. More than a law school, Concord is a community. I highly recommend it to those considering a career in law.”
– C. Scott Malloy, 2009, San Jose, CA

“My interest in the law was sparked anew when I found the Concord program, and the spark became a flame of passion for the American rules of law and government once I really became engrossed in the program. Now I’m looking forward to beginning a new career in law. Without Concord, none of this would have been possible. I want to set aside some time to do pro bono work with a legal aid clinic. It’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to study law. I felt that not only was it something I would like to pursue as a career but ultimately I could use it to help others.”
–Somita Basu, 2012, Singapore